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Options Money Maker provides World Class Education for experienced and aspiring traders. Our core education programs are designed to maximize your success!. 

Have you ever paid to attend a seminar?   If so, you may have experienced confusion about exactly what to do the first day after the seminar.  You may have had questions you could not get answered or the content of the course was not geared to your individual learning style or personal investment situation. Options Money Maker offers a positive learning experience designed for your success!

OptionsMoneyMaker creates, tests and validates strategies designed to make trading accessible to anyone. Our strategies win and profit consistently. However, the real key to our client's success is the format of the education.

We offer an outstanding self-study program with 20+ hours of videos, user guides and free subscription to our highly successful Trade Alert Service. The combination of videos, books, live trades plus a weekly live webinar focused on position management provides each client with a comprehensive formula for success.

We also offer one-on-one coaching for those traders who desire a more customized learning format. Options Money Maker coaching is personal, designed for optimum success and conducted at a pace that works for you.


Focused on Your Success    There are no theoretical, back tested strategies presented.  We do not use outdated examples of trades that no longer reflect what it takes to be successful in the current market. We educate you how to be successful and grow your wealth! 

Our team actively trade their own accounts. They understand what it takes to be successful. Our team includes professional fund managers who know how to take advantage of market fluctuations. We will teach you how to trade profitably using the same approach.  

Options Money Maker offers the opportunity to learn from a professional fund manager.

You Can Become a Great Trader!   Through the Options Money Maker one-on-one coaching program, you will learn how to be a successful trader from a coach who actively trades the markets every day. Following the same strategies, our hedge fund management team uses, you can earn 30% - 80% per year on your own personal account!  

Options Money Maker provides personalized coaching tailored to the knowledge and individual goals of each client.  The coaching program will teach you the same strategies used by successful hedge fund managers.  You will learn how to analyze indexes and stocks and how to choose the correct strategy for optimum profit.  

All of this is done during market hours, in live trading,  so you learn real-time successful trading strategies. Learning from experienced traders and being guided through analysis and strategy application will empower you to be a consistently successful trader!

Options Money Maker coaches are pros who teach you how to trade profitably.

Why Choose Options Money Maker?   Options Money Maker offers a unique approach to investor education.  Our personalized, one-on-one coaching does not just focus on a single strategy.    If you only learn one strategy, you only have part of the playbook and you will not succeed consistently. 

Learn how to earn the Options Money Maker way!   To be successful at a level comparable to that of our professional hedge fund managers, you need to understand multiple options strategies and know when it is appropriate to use each.   You can learn more than one strategy from other services, but most require you to sign up and pay for multiple seminars. They provide little or no integration of those strategies in actual, live market hours trading. 

Learn the strategies of a fund manager!    Your individual coach will teach you multiple options strategies.  These are the same techniques used by the professional fund managers who are part of the Options Money Maker coaching team.  You will learn how to select a profitable strategy based on technical assessments of market conditions.  Credit Spreads, Debit Spreads, Market Tamer, Combo Options Spread and more-- are all essential strategies when trading professionally.  Our objective is to teach you how to trade like a pro! 

The market changes daily and it is in knowing how to interpret those changes that a trader can be successful.  Financial media is usually focused on drama instead of sound strategies that will make you money consistently.  We focus on what works and has a track record of success. Protecting capital while positioning for profits is what Options Money Maker will teach you how to achieve.  

The team at Options Money Maker trades and teaches based on technical indications of the market, specific stocks and indexes.  Profit opportunities are identified most everyday and we have the skill to apply the right strategy that will leverage those profits. When you work with an Options Money Maker coach, you will learn how to be successful also. 

The Philosophy of our Team -    As traders, we assume there are unexpected, unforeseeable events that could shock the markets. The strategies we use are designed to mitigate risk while positioning for profits.

As coaches, who are guiding new traders to success, we focus on technical assessments but teach strategies assuming the market could go either way, dramatically.  Options Money Maker clients are taught how to select positions and apply strategies that are designed to protect capital and earn profits regardless of the market direction. We would like to help you do the same!  .


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Client Results

  •   “I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your coaching.  It does pay to have a mentor/coach!  Since signing up in April with Options Money Maker, I have been achieving double digit returns consistently on my positions.”  - Rick
  •   “I don’t have to drive with my laptop open anymore in a panic over my positions . This is absolutely the most profitable trading strategy I have ever experienced. My account is up over $16,000.00 in a little than over a month, and I only used 25% of my account.” – Bruce
  •   “I’m up $3891 dollars on a $50k account; that’s a 7.8% return in a little over one month on trades for only three positions!” – Jeff

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