SANTA CRUZ, Calif., May 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “Hedge funds are finding out that flat is the new up this year,” according to CNBC, who says hedge funds are struggling, creating a domino effect that’s wiping out investors. In fact, they are, “…down .08% through March alone,” according to HFR.

Investors, eagerly seeking safer alternatives, felt they had waited long enough, and pulled their support; to the tune of $15 Billion, leaving a sea full of skeleton hedge funds in their wake.

Not everyone is suffering.

Mark Dannenberg, Founder/CEO of Options Money Maker, along with his team, Michael Kastner, Allison Ostrander and Erin Ruemmele, showed Live Trading Room students how to lock in profits every week, for the first 17 weeks of 2016. Even against the flailing, flat lining markets, his Live Trading room students became the victors, with a 10% net gain for April, a continuation of the 72.6% return in the Live Trading Room during Q1 2016.

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