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The Adaptive Entry System (AES) was created as a technical market metrics system to interpret a variety of advanced signals and present to the trader a “single actionable signal” displayed in an easy to recognize format for traders of most any skill level to benefit from.

AES is a “system” as opposed to a single indicator. It was designed with the goal of simplifying a traders ability to recognize an entry opportunity by summarizing the consensus of several key indicators and displaying a single entry / exit signal in a color highlighted, strategy labeled format. The work of comparing a variety of indicators and assessing the strength of alignment is performed for the trader by the Adaptive Entry System.

There are three possible entry signals displayed by AES. A trader may trade all three or customize the settings to choose just a single signal to trade. It is important for any trader incorporating AES into their toolset that they trade in sim / virtual mode for a period of time to confirm they understand how price action responds to the signals and to personally track the performance of each. A good trading system still requires due diligence on the part of the trader to confirm understanding of how the system performs. Full AES description can be found here.


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*The Adaptive Entry System also includes the Profit Flow Analytics indicators:

Trend Consensus

Profit Flow Oscillator

Cycle Finder

Trend Bias

Cycle Finder Plus

Divergent Bars and Fractals


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