Alert Trading Machine (ATM)


The ATM service is simple! We do all the work so you have an opportunity to benefit from daily market moves.

We send you an alert, using our smart phone app, for each trade we open and close.

You can follow along with each of our trades within seconds of receiving the trade details….delivered directly to your smart phone.

We also send you a daily recording of our Live Action Trader session where we review each trade action we have taken that day.

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BEST VALUE!!! Annual Subscription: Click Here to Sign-up for the ATM Annual Subscription and pay just $1,497 each year.

Save $400 off the regular price of $1,897.


Quarterly Subscription: Click Here to Sign-up for the ATM Quarterly subscription and pay just $497 for a three month subscription.

Save $100 off the regular price of $597.


Monthly Subscription:  Click Here to Sign-up for the ATM Monthly subscription and pay just $197 per month.

Save $50 off the regular monthly price of $247.


FREE with a Live Trading Room Subscription: $395 per month.

LTR also includes futures Trading.

Alerts, Profits and Education!!

We created this service for all the traders out there who do not have time to monitor charts during the day.

Just because you are busy with the normal things that life needs you to do, doesn’t mean you should be excluded from investing just a few minutes of your time each day to make some extra money.

Average return per position is 21% of capital at risk!*

The ATM service, and the trades we alert, is based on the same AO Entry/Exit strategy we use every day in our Live Trading Room.

In the Live Trading Room, we use the AO strategy with short timeframe charts as our primary technical guide to opening futures trades on the Nasdaq100 (NQ).

But we know, not everyone who is interested in trading has the time to be in our Live Trading Room or monitor charts during the day.

We created the Alert Trading Machine service just for you!

Months of researching and testing, to perfect just the right time frames for the ATM alerts, resulted in the service being launched to a pilot group of traders within our community.

Here are the results* of the ATM Service since the service began on April 29, 2019:

Obviously, not all of our trades will be winners; however, the AO Entry/Exit strategy with our Consensus of Signals method is providing a high probability of profitable trades.

One of the Key Success Factors in trading is to use small risk, take quick profits and recycle your capital into the next trade.

The rapid recycling of capital is why the ATM service has so far produced a 93.5% return on maximum capital at risk!*

These results speak for themselves!

The ATM service offers a HUGE opportunity for every casual trader who wants to enjoy some profits without investing the time usually required to actively trade.

Now is the best time to join the Alert Trading Machine service!!

Count on us to:

How much do you need in your account to follow the ATM trades?

Every trader’s account size, experience and personal risk tolerance will vary so it is important to only trade at a level you are comfortable with.

We make it easy for even small account traders to be successful!

Most of the trades we alert are options trades on the four primary ETFs……DIA, SPY, QQQ, and IWM. If you have a $2,000 account or more, you can easily participate in the ATM alerts.

I am offering three ways for you to follow along with ATM alerts!

If you have a smaller account, you want to grow, and you have limited time to trade on your own, this is a no-brainer.

If you have a larger account, each trade can be scaled in size to your personal risk tolerance.


These prices will NOT last!!

A quarterly subscription is an average of just $38.23 per week!

The only way you move forward is to take action. Click below to choose which subscription is best for you. Just don’t delay and miss out!!

*Based on all trades closed as of 6/19/2019

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