SANTA CRUZ, Calif., May 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “Hedge funds are finding out that flat is the new up this year,” according to CNBC, who says hedge funds are struggling, creating a domino effect that’s wiping out investors. In fact, they are, “…down .08% through March alone,” according to HFR.

Investors, eagerly seeking safer alternatives, felt they had waited long enough, and pulled their support; to the tune of $15 Billion, leaving a sea full of skeleton hedge funds in their wake.

Not everyone is suffering.

Mark Dannenberg, Founder/CEO of Options Money Maker, along with his team, Michael Kastner, Allison Ostrander and Erin Ruemmele, showed Live Trading Room students how to lock in profits every week, for the first 17 weeks of 2016. Even against the flailing, flat lining markets, his Live Trading room students became the victors, with a 10% net gain for April, a continuation of the 72.6% return in the Live Trading Room during Q1 2016.

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New York Stock Market Update
The Art of Trading: More Profits in Less Time: Cash Flow, Retirement Security and Financial Liberation by author and veteran trader Mark Dannenberg is more than just a book on options trading. Each chapter is loaded with useful, easy to understand information on option trading basics (for beginning traders), technical charting, strategy and management techniques. Plus, an entire chapter of the book is devoted to Market Tamer strategy. The Art of Trading reached #1 on Amazon in under 24 hours. The book is designed to guide a trader from a basic understanding of trading options to being able to place trades and evaluate a position. These topics essential to any trader are presented in an easy to follow, quick to learn format.

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  • Proper Position Management
  • How to Manage and adjust position to increase the likelihood of profit
  • Market Tamer Strategy
  • Simple, non-directional strategy so you never have to worry about market direction
  • Technical Charts describing and explaining multiple indicators
  • Learn to read them individually
  • Discover a consensus pointing to the directional bias of a stock or index

“The Art of Trading offers Proven Strategy—High Probability of Success, Mark has a very distinct ability to present clear and concise trading information, easy to understand, and how to implement a winning strategy. His approach is to teach the trader how to place highly conservative trades, that return highly consistent profits—time after time. They all add up for a handsome profit for the year. No “home run” swings, just consistent trading for consistent returns. I’m very pleased and excited to purchase this book. Having viewed many of his webinars, I can vouch for his teaching ability and trading strategy. If you want to learn how to trade with high probability of success, confidence, and a proven trading system (Market Tamer), this book will bring it to you.”  – Richard C. Shipp Starcom

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