Advanced Options Spreads and Covered Calls

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Covered calls are a foundation for earning profits on a weekly or monthly basis for thousands of traders. Training includes:

  • Selecting stocks for covered calls.
  • How to generate income from existing stocks you own.
  • How to create a covered call equivalent position without ever buying the stock and still benefit from a 100% Delta.
  • How to buy stock for less than current market value.
  • Using an Advanced Options Spread strategy to create a position that will win as much or more than a covered call position but with far less risk.
  • How to manage a covered call position when you do not want to be called out.

This is powerful and essential training for any skill level of trader!

The Covered Call strategy is an excellent trading tool!

Covered Calls and Advanced Options Spreads can work together for more flexible and skilled trading!

Understanding Advanced Options Spreads, including Diagonal Spreads and Calendar Spreads, will allow you to:

  • Expand your understanding of the relationship of strikes to deltas and expirations.
  • Apply your understanding of these powerful spreads to the effective use of the Covered Call strategy.
  • Take advantage of both low and high volatility market conditions.
  • Use one of the most advanced strategies to leverage profits from rapidly decaying options regardless of which direction the price is moving.
  • Trade most any stock, index or ETF.




An understanding of Advanced Options Spreads is essential for traders who want to develop a broad set of trading skills. 

By learning the Advanced Options Spread strategies, you start to recognize the incredible flexibility there is in options trading.  No longer are you limited to “strategy silos” but instead, you will understand the Art of Trading and how adjustments can be made to resolve most any situation.

The Advanced Options Spread training focuses on diagonal spreads, calendar spreads and how to combine two into one position to leverage both market movement and time value decay.  

The training will provide you with a sound understanding of:

  • Calendar Spreads
  • Diagonal Spreads
  • How to use Calendars and/or Diagonals to trade the Market Tamer strategy.
  • How to Manage a Market Tamer position.

A Market Tamer position consists of 4 option legs:

  • Call Debit Spread  (Diagonal or Calendar Spread) and,
  • Put Debit Spread  (Diagonal or Calendar Spread)
  • Use Monthly or Weekly Expirations.
  • Time decay is working for you even as the price of the stock is moving against one side of your position.
  • Profitability of a Market Tamer position is driven mostly by decaying time value of the shorts.
  • The direction of the movement does not matter.
    • Eliminate the worry of positions “moving against you”.

The Market Tamer strategy is ideal for most any trader!

  • Simple strategy works for all levels of traders.
  • Short hold time: average hold time is 5 days.
  • Commit 15 minutes per day to review your position.
  • Make adjustments when necessary.
  • No significant charting / technical skills required.
  • Trade the indexes – no fundamental analysis.
  • Simple adjustments, no significant management.

Leverage the cycles. The Market Tamer Strategy is designed to:

  • Leverage the cycles of an equity.
  • Take advantage of decaying time value of options.
  • Earn profits regardless of market direction.
    • Good for traders who do not have strong charting skills.
  • Be a short term, high profit trade.
  • Require minimal adjustments.


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