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The Futures market is a $12.7 trillion market!!

Translation:  Huge opportunity for anyone who wants to learn a rules based approach to trading.

Take your first step to learn how you can be part of this $12.7 trillion market!!


Options Money Maker, an industry leader in providing knowledge and education for aspiring and seasoned options traders, offers a Futures Trading education program.

Are you an active trader looking for a way to expand your knowledge and increase your trading profits? Futures trading is the solution!

Have you wanted to trade more actively but are held back due to rules about pattern day trading? Futures trading will remove the barriers and open the door to much greater opportunity!

Futures trading has a reputation for being an ultra high risk method of trading. It definitely can be risky if you do not know what you are doing.

My team and I have put together a very specific, well defined set of rules that will allow you to reap potentially huge profits while limiting risk. It’s not hard, you just need to follow some rules and be disciplined.

There are numerous derivatives you can use for Futures Trading however, one of the key rules I will reveal to you right now is that it is best if you focus and specialize while first learning. We trade, NQ (Nasdaq futures) in our Live Trading Room to help all levels of traders understand how to properly trade.

The Futures Trading education curriculum we have designed, will show you exactly how to trade futures on ES (S&P 500 futures), NQ (Nasdaq 100 futures), RTY (Russell 2000 futures), or any futures contract you choose!

Margin requirements (the amount of capital you must allocate to each trade) for a one contract trade can vary by broker but my team uses a broker who only requires $1,000 of capital. That creates a huge opportunity for leverage! That is just one aspect of limiting your risk.

You will learn how to set up limits using stops as well as how to let the profit run when the price is moving. Knowing how and where to place a stop is one of the key success factors.

In addition to learning how futures contracts work and limiting risk, you will learn the most important part of being a successful futures trader…the chart patterns that tell you when to enter a trade, when to exit and when the trend has shifted.

We have taken a confusing and intimidating topic and simplified it into a comprehensive program offering you an opportunity to participate in, perhaps, the biggest leveraged profits you’ve ever experienced!

You will learn the critical Key Success Factors including:

· Technical Charting Entry and Exit Patterns (when to get in and when to get out).

· Capital Management and Risk Limitation Rules (earn more, risk less).

· How to automate your trade entry, risk exit and exiting for a profit all with a single click.

This is huge opportunity!!

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