Live Trading Services

Live Trading Room:

Options Money Maker hosts a Live Trading Room for experienced traders.

The Live Trading Room provides you access to live trading where you will be able observe each trade as it is placed.

Additionally with your Live Trading Room subscription , you receive access to the SPX Profit Optimizer and Freedom5 services. You will receive alerts via our smartphone app for both services.

Click the BUY NOW button to subscribe to the Live Trading Room at $395/month!

SPX Profit Optimizer:

The SPX Profit Optimizer is a service that will provide the following:

The SPX Profit Optimizer uses a simple approach. We take reasonable and small profits against small risk and do it every day. Of course we are going to have losing days but the only important measurement is profits to date.

The SPX Profit Optimizer is being made available for only $195 per month. BUT sign-up NOW AND SAVE $100 on your first month.

Sign up NOW by clicking BUY NOW and pay only $95 for the first month! That’s less than the average profits for a single day!

Want to avoid being tagged as a Pattern Day Trader* sign-up for the SPX Profit Optimizer NoPDT!

The SPX Profit Optimizer NoPDT will make trades available to subscribers on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. By trading only three days each week, you avoid being tagged as a Pattern Day Trader* and you can still benefit from the profits being generated from the service on those days.

Trade with us live every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the new SPX Profit Optimizer NoPDT service at a subscription price of only $125 per month (vs $195 for the full week version) . CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SPX PO NoPDT!


Freedom5 is a five year trading system service subscribed to one year at a time. Highlights of the service include:

Click here to learn more about the Freedom5 service and to sign-up NOW!

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