Could This Provide the Key to Recouping the Losses from January’s Chaotic Market?

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Feb. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — January’s stunning and tumultuous market slaughter silenced even the most optimistic investors.

As the Dow plummeted 5.5%, the S&P freefell 5.07%, and Nasdaq saw its worst first month of the year since 2010; Financial Media broadcast dire headlines about economic warnings, throwing out investor cautions a mile a minute.

Even battle-hardened investment leaders expressed feelings of fear, panic and chaos.

2016’s once optimistic focus on wealth accumulation rapidly transformed to one of wealth preservation.

Yet not everyone fell with the market.

While blindsided investors lost their shirts, a tiny pocket of online traders from Options Money Maker made waves by cracking the Options code, raking in record earnings despite the dark climate, with the live trading account it profiled for its subscribers.

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