What people are saying about us. Don't take it from us, take it from our clients.

You guys are making me a better trader.

— David B.

The thing about being in a live room is everyone is feeling the same & that helps to prevent you from second guessing yourself.

— Pamela H.

Well I’m up 76 points today and thinking about calling it a day before I give it all back. Been trading 3 minute AO + stochastics and using longer-term technical levels. Trading the micros, so not a lot of money, but happy with the points capture.

— Eric L

I have been out for the past couple of weeks with work, and going back and watching the new training during the day…man those are great, and there are a lot of changes i need to learn about for entry points.

— Mario D

Mark, thanks to your teaching and coaching, I just made in the last 3 weeks (only 30 hours of trading total) my entire annual salary as a “well paid” property manager once USD is converted to Canadian dollars. Thank you so much for sharing your invaluable knowledge and strategies with me. The cost of coaching and your foundational programs paid for themselves many times over already and still have the rest of the year to look forward too.

— Josh H.

Up 60 pts at this point, gotta keep this profit for the week so far, up almost 3k from today and yesterday, thankful for you guys:)

— Jeremy J.

I’m up $3300 in 15 mins. Going to keep at is SIM trading for practice only but it’s beautiful to see consistent success grabbing a few highly leveraged points every morning. It’s liberating Mark. Thank you again for teaching people (me specifically) how to do this.

— Josh H.

One of the most valuable qualities is to see how disciplined you are to the technical signals and particularly Michael’s keeping the trades fairly tight has really helped as a new trader.
It’s all a great example of how to have real discipline trading.
Your personal rapport, humanity and sense of community with other members makes a big difference during a long trading session.
I’ll continue to likely be quite and soak up as much as I can for a while, just wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your both being very valuable teachers.

— William B.

Well my first live trade. Made 8 points. It’s good to have good teachers.

— William B.

Where were you all 10 years ago? So far excellent strategy and excellent trade room. The training videos are the best I have seen. So far in this 1st week I am up over $3k plus today already 92 pts on NQ. Unfortunately it is virtual trades, but still great system.

I have been through a few trading/training systems and all have been okay. You all are the best. You explain things better and take the time to go through the system very well in the videos. Keep up the great work.

— Ron L.

What you three are doing is developing our trading toolbox for all seasons. Nothing works forever, but there are cycles in cycles, and I really feel my grasp of the rhythms just gets better in the LTR. Thanks

— John R.

Thanks for coaching me to a successful first day in the LTR… up 30 pts!

— Roger H

OMM – thank you…doubled my account in 3 days 🙂 1250 to 2508 right now.

— Ben R.

guys I am up 137.75 points today! Unbelievable! Thank you so much!!

— Joshua H

This is the best $400 I spend every month.

It is not the money I make, it is the knowledge imparted by the team, that is counted in the money that I DO NOT LOSE.

For me, it is the finest benefit of this live trading room.


— Scott R.

Hit today’s goal +5400 on 5 future contracts. Have to go. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

— Marvin M

$925 off 1 contract on NQ and ES… thanks… unbelieveable.

— Joshua H.

No need to GRIND! Get into a new cycle, close your eyes and wait for magic words from Erin: This concludes this cycle!

— Michael S.

Mark et al, the effort that you put forward to educate your clients, present simple trading methodologies in a clear and straightforward manner, and add value for us continues to amaze me. I’m deeply grateful for your efforts. I’m looking forward to next week’s session.

— Bob L.

Yes! First time ever making 1k for the day. Love this AO trading. This will change my families lives. Thanks is not a strong enough word for you all.

— Andrew C.

I feel I’m in a room with Giants— great traders and awesome Calls Mike—

I have found my trading home—— after too many years of trying different things- I humbly landed here and appreciate what you’re doing and look forward to good trading ahead.

Also appreciate the others sharing and kudos to them today. Same for Erin and Mark’s hard work and overall mentoring to you.

— Randy M.

I realize this is our 1st day trading this…. but this is the 1st day of the rest of my life.

Here’s another dumb quote…. this is my “future”.

— Bader

$500 in 35 minutes!!! THIS IS REAL!!!

And am done for the day.. My biggest worry seems to be what will I be doing with the rest of day:) Good problem to have.

— Merik C.

What was it last night Erin was saying ave 70 points on NQ daily, was that what I heard.

Well even if you only got half of the ave @35 points=$770 daily profit=$14,000 monthly=$168,000 annually TRADING ONLY ONE CONTRACT!

— John O.

Mike- just want to say that I’ve been trading quite a while with some success but not consistent enough- my decision to join OMM has brought a huge amount of learning, rethinking, etc… kudos to you , Mark and Erin… thank you so much.

— Randy M.

I’ve had a passion for options and futures for two decades…Never found a program that offered both at this level…. This is “awesome”….Thanks

— Mike M.

Thank you for taking such a complicated process and creating a program, that gives beginners like me the tools and confidence to enhance and expand my life goals and experiences. I really believe you have something amazing not only with this program but all you and your team offer. Thanks again….I look forward to growing my knowledge and net worth with Options Money Maker’s guidance for a long time to come.

— Matthew V.

Great live demonstration with huge amount of information.

— Stephen F

Bravo again for clear communication and training…you both are fantastic and the instruction is top notch.

— Jeremy J

This session alone was worth the GREAT price you gave us for this program Thanks so much team. I have learned so much last night and today.

— David C

Using Mark’s teaching from last night. I’m just sim trading today’s NQ 5 minute crossover trades. 6 trades, 1 loser, 5 winners and up about 100 points. Wow. I’m hooked.

— Andrew C.

Last Trading day of the month made $3,900 for a total of $31,160 for the month – all on Options.

— James F.

Mike…This is my first week trading real money. I was Paper trading the three weeks prior. I am ending my first week up $660.00. Thank you for your lessons, I have learned a great deal in the last month. I look forward to new lessons and support. Thanks again

— Matthew V.

Wanted to let you know that I have been doing well with my trading, thanks. I am using a daily time frame, trading SPX, RUT, NDX, and also a bunch of macro and sector ETF’s. since i started in April when you did the training, I have 20 profitable trade out of 24. Really appreciate everything!”

— Nick E

I trade 4 accts with different programs including PO, Freedom5 and PB I have up $4,223.88 for the week. Thanks team.

— David C

I appreciate that trade big time.  I day traded 8 contracts rather than leg in with you guys.  But then I bought 8 more contracts when you sent the next alert at 8.70, and got out at in total I got 7,100 out of that trade!

— Jeremy J

Couldn’t trade very active this week because I watch my granddaughter,  but I am up $1100.00 and leave for Alaska next Wednesday.  Just paid for all my excursions.

— David C.

Great job guys…had 8 contracts of the RUT position got same fills as you. Had 8 of the SPX one from this morning…so up 7,936 today.

— Jeremy J

Good evening Mark


June marks 12 months with SPX Optimizer , as I have been with you since the very first trade and have enjoyed more than anytime of my 15 plus yrs. of trading. Through out the 12 months I have up my daily ante each month using the houses money.  I usually do not send a lot of smoke blowing letters but in this case you are more than deserving. This is an  outstanding straight forward trading system . I am really  impressed with your calm let it play out attitude, it has helped me be a much better trader. I could go on and on, but with stop here and want to say Thank you and PLEASE keep it up as this has been a very successful program. I have as to date made $46k. See you in the morning…


All the Best


— Gary H.

Great update today. Over the past couple of years, I needed to learn to remove the emotion. It has taken awhile to do so. Because of removing the emotions, I have done very well since the beginning but gave back most of the profits in the last few weeks as I decided to close out of the challenging positions and regain the capital that is remaining. But I am good with this and have plenty of capital to keep trading with you. This was my call and what I thought was best for my account.
I cannot tell you how much your style of trading means to me personally. I know there are a lot of other traders who feel the same way. Keep teaching. Be tough on us. Stay the course with us.
Cheers and thank you.

— Darrell W.

I have been with options money maker for several years. The education is great. I feel so confident trading many different strategies. You guys have helped me immensely.

— Bob K

I feel the same way about learning and I have taken your courses and have been a member of all you programs at one time or another. I have to say I have learned a ton.

— David C

Hi Michael just celebrated 1 year in the LTR. Without sounding too sappy, it’s really helped, together with Profit Builder go from zero knowledge to a profitable day trader. You’ve received the ultimate compliment when my wife says she’s never seen anyone hold my attention longer and more consistently. She enjoys that Southern accent booming from the speaker each morning. Here’s to another year! Cheers.

— Allen G

For the 19 days. Up $9823. $517 per day. 16 winning days, 3 losers. 110 trades. 97 winners or 88% winners. And I’m still not sure I have a strategy!

— Bob V

Hi guys. Although being humbled is a part of the trading, this morning fortunately work well for my trading style that Michael and company helped me develop. For the first time I have been in an atmosphere that is instructional, open and fully transparent. What a blessing because I never been so optimistic looking forward. I will always keep the Tumbs near by for the less agreeable days……7 trades playing put against resistance with shochasts as the other chief indicator….no loosers…$760 gain before lunch……taking my beautiful wife boating in alittle while…Best of luck to all of you…looking forward to seeing you Monday.

— Stephen F

Thanks for being so open with your trades and your thoughts for the selections you make. I really do not think there can exist a better educational tool for learning the art of trading. It is a true gift………Could only trade around 10 minutes and joined you around 2:40 today for 4 trades. Traded “scared” with very low delta(.10) options that seemed to be moving relatively fast due due to hi volatility…….Finished trading about 25 minutes ago and up $252.00. Thank you for what you do. Cannot wait for Monday morning. Have a nice weekend.

— Stephen F

Thanks for the work you are doing with Freedom 5, I am growing my account very well.

— Cheryl M

Thoughtful response.  Thanks guys.  Been with you guys in different programs starting a couple years back.  Thanks for all your guidance – I’ve grown tremendously as a trader for it.  The banter between you all during the day makes my day everyday, too!

— Craig S

I would like to thank you for the good work for the Freedom 5 program. 
Compared to what I have seen with other Options service lead by 20 and 30 years experienced traders, I see my account growing this time vs shrinking last year (25% net loss !!!)
I see your service lead by responsible people so thanks again. 

— Alain R

Hey guys. I have much to be grateful for in my life, but I thank the Lord once again for allowing me to stumble into OMM & Abletrend after searching many years for a reliable trading system that works. I have never felt so confident in knowing I have another means to support family. Every time I sit in front of my computer I am humbled with gratitude by the level of success experienced. Your spirit of sharring and instruction is exceptional…..The proof is in the pudding…19 trading days…4 loosing days…$12,000+ profit since March 1st!……$2,190 today using what you have taught …..the plan for today is now to put the stop sign up…I will enjoy being a casual observer of the trading room for a little while and may take some time to clean up the garage as per my Queen(wife)….God bless all of you and thanks again.

— Stephen F

Three NDX trades 1 CALL 2 PUTS No more than 1 contract and $4000 of capital=$1306.40 Profit. I am done for the day.

— JT O

7 trades, 5 winners- 2 not winners…$1620 wins $303 losses $1317 net profit max capital $6400 21% ROI on capital

— JT O

Today up 23.5% on my $2000 in capital.  Sure beats the banks.

— James F.

Thanks for such a well thought out plan. I’ve found that by listening to your updates and following your recommended trades I’ve learned so very much.

No other service out there has the courage to put this much time, effort, and their reputation on the line as you guys do! Your courage to do all this is the real difference between Freedom5 and other trading programs.

I’m very grateful to be a part of this. That includes the knowledge that we will have some losing weeks.

I still love love love how you control risk!!!

Have the best week ever!!!


— Robert P

6 great days in a row since i switched back to SPX from the SPY added another 20% to my cash account today and i have one “paid for” call. My cash account is +148% in the last 6 trading days.

— Kevin L

Thanks for your help Mark. Up $1400 today and stop sign is out. I didn’t quite get to LA but perhaps Death Valley … close enough. ?

— Ted H

Another good day. Tripled my goal. Have great day and see you tomorrow!

— Dale C

Took yesterday for one of my vacation days. Opened a trade while riding with family towards our destination.
SPX 23 Feb. 2710 for 26.50. X 5. Sold them at closing for 38.90. +6200. Made my goal on a vacation day……….are you kidding me !!!!!

— Marvin M

I am hoping to retire in 10 years—maybe a few more. This room, which I will will to continue to exist, has given me assurance about the future.  I used to trade too much by hope and guesswork.  Now, if a signal doesn’t work, but at least it is based on realtime data.

— Ted H.

It’s like printing $. Up $1500 on spx trades.

— Ted H.

18 out of 20 trades successful today. Thanks for your great coaching.

— Marshall S.

Up over $2500 today

— Ted H

Thank you guys I have made 6200 today have a great evening

— Brahma

8 trades today 8 wins 0 losses, up 1296.66 for the day. I am going to call it a day and keep this profits. Thanks for the help and have a good weekend.

— John M

Love you guys even have both my kids in freedom 5 – It was their christmas present. So far you guys have been very good to them too!! Thank you all – Mike,Mark, Erin!!

— Daniel E

Up over $600 from wed trading your calls…. trading the SPY and being very conservative as I’m new to your room……..Thanks

— Scott S

Should I quit for the day? I’m up 4000 on two trades using your approach use the stochastics signal. Thanks for a great week.

— Dale C

Got away from my trading plan the 1st few weeks of the new year. Slapped myself and started looking for the singles and doubles instead of the homeruns. Listening to both of you. This week back on track averaging 10 trades a day with singles and doubles making $800 / day.

Big thanks to both of you and love when your in the room Mark.

— Deane K.

I am learning a lot from you guys. It is priceless. Key point that I am taking away especially when it is choppy is manage the risk. I pay attention to signals.

— Patrick P

For those that are trying out the Live traading room…. I can say it has been a great personal decision, Highly informative, entertaining and fun…..This group of traders are top notch. and most of all Profitable!!! Thanks to Michael,Mark ,Erin and Dorothy

— David C

Mark thank you so much for trading with us this week I really love hearing your strategies. It’s giving me more confidence on patience with my set ups.

— Christian T.

Guys my phone rang but i have been in a lot of trading rooms and this one is well worth the time, effort, and price. Thanks guys you don’t know my heart now; its really heavy with gratitude.

— Cheryl

WOW 7 trades today and only 2 losers. Maximum risk $2,040 and 511.17 profit. I’ll take it. Thanks Mark & Michael. If this goes on for the 2 weeks, I’m in. 25% a day is awesome!!

— Richard M

Thank you for having your actions match your words. In my time with OMM, you have always had my trading education at the forefront.

— Dennis A.

Expressing a word of Thanks for your continuing fine guidance. Just reviewed 7-12-2017 “Profit Builder”…Thank you both Mark and Erin for your efforts and distinct analysis.

— Robert K.

I am a new subscriber just having completed my fourth trading session with OMM and am honestly as pleased as punch over your service and my results thus far.  I am a retired Investment professional, no longer licensed in any form, who after forty years in the business has been trying in retirement to master Option trading with mixed results.  If my first four trades with your service are indicative of what the future might hold it will certainly be the answer to my quest.

While the quickness of your signals is nerve racking to say the least the methodology is very much in line with what I have been working with on my own and the winning results in my case appear to be as much associated with the Contracts which you are trading as the signal itself.  I trade at TD Ameritrade and use their TOS platform.  The execution has been a problem for me but I believe it is more my Internet service than their platform.  All in all I want to thank you all for your work, and wish you a relaxing and safe Labor Day weekend.


— Vince L.

Hi Mark-

I just wanted to say that yesterday was really helpful watching you trade intra-day. I’m not really concerned about whether the trades were positive or negative. The fact that they were actual trades, not “hindsight” trades, makes it so much more valuable to learn from. We are all trying to improve our Ablesys trading skills and observing your real trades is impactful.
Thanks and good luck today!

— Zack S.

I appreciate it when Mark keeps talking.  In particular today when he
said that in the pre-market briefing that they saw the SPX possibly
going down to 2420.  It did that and more.  I’m up $3,342 for the month
trading mostly 5 contracts.

Thanks all

— Jim F

Mark – what I’m loving today is your and Michael’s integrity in keeping the scorecard.  I don’t have to tell you how many hucksters out there use selective reporting to beef up their results – it would have been easy for you to book a profit on the spreadsheet since so many had scored a profit today ( I had a +10% on risk today, so perfectly happy.)  But that’s not the way you gentlemen roll, and that is why I have complete confidence in this great program.  Looking forward to how you handle the brackets as conditions change, and am glad that your team is constantly monitoring and improving the strategy.
As you well know, the leverage (with limited risk) on these expiring weekly SPX options can be stupefying.  I keep looking at the SPX during the day for terminus points, where a buck or so can be risked for that occasional 5x-10x return on a retracement move – it’s not that rare.
Thanks again for creating this for us! (and ALOHA to the volatility)

— John R

What a great job thoroughly explaining in great detail….much appreciated. 
Made $1,700 too.

— Gary H.

I feel pretty good so far in the month of July. 10 trades, 2 no trade day, a couple of mistakes and still up 28.38% for the month, with 7 more trading days left in the month. Multiply that by twelve and get an annualized return of 340% annually. Darn good if I say so myself. THANKS

— James F.

Up $2,070 – 75.6% up  

— James F

$500 today but $4,600 profit for the week…this is great 

— John O

Thank you for the opportunity to learn reliable methods for options trading.  Although I have traded options before coming to your program, very little of the techniques were useful in learning your processes and this course has given me many more tools that I can use to ensure success in options trading.  Erin has been particularly helpful in reviewing the basics and applying them on a daily basis and I thank her for her thoroughness and patience with those of us who were new to the program.


My sincere thanks to all the members of your team.  The experience was educational, profitable and enjoyable.

— Carrol H.

Learning how to manage a position is the best gift. I have always struggled with how to adjust. I’m still learning but very happy with OMM. Thanks all best info i have ever rec’d.

— Mary M

I now listen to your every word you say Mark. I am 100% IN. What Michael does during the day is show the implementation of great trading knowledge and experience, every day, live! That contrast of ‘teaching (learning) and doing (trading)’ is a really good ying and yang!

— Charlie M

I’m 100% glad I found/joined OMM as you all have given me insight and confidence on how this day trading game is played. I play to be a part of OMM for a long time to come.

— Ernest G

Ok…I joined the LTR, because of both the quality of the teaching and the community. But I have found that I continue attending for the number one benefit of the help that Michael attempts to give to ‘learners’ like myself.

— Charlie M

I first just want to thank Mark & Michael. I have been trading options on my own for the last 3 years. Due to a change in life, I joined your room the beginning of the month and love your trade management approach. Utilizing able trade and your suggestions I profited over $12k this month.

— Deane K

I have been in Profit Builder since about December and have learned alot.  Not ever having traded options before, thanks to you, I have made a great leap in my understanding and confidence in making SICP trades and Credit spreads.  You are the best.

— Jean K.

Thanks Michael for calling the game we are playing. You are awesome!!!! My second week in the room, started with 50K…………live all cash value now……….$76432. All in cash. Can’t wait to trade Monday. You have a great weekend, I’m going to the casino ?.

— Marvin M

i know that you guys like to hear trading success stories from members of the OMM community, so here is one that required no adjustments, no management, just a little patience: On feb 14 i opened a 5 point SICP on SPX 2290/2295/2395/2400 for 1.22 on puts, 1.18 on calls. on feb 15 i widened both sides for $2300 profit leaving 1.19 on puts and 1.17 on calls. on March 15th, i closed the puts for .85 (+$300 more in profit). today i closed the calls at break even. 10 contracts. $2600 profit.

— Doug W

I’m paper trading and made $420 this morning so far following you. Making $8k to $10k per month is financial independence for many people. I wish everybody knew about you guys!!

— Greg D

In a way I’m glad the market is doing what it’s doing, as in giving us lots of position management “opportunities”. In my case that’s the most important thing I’m learning.

— Jim B.

To all you guys at Options Money Maker, another thank you for what you’re doing. After attending the SICP training series I’ve been placing trades in my account and seeing how it really works, and its very exciting to see it all come together. The math  is a little tricky but the light bulb is coming on. 20% return on risk is my goal. I’m trying with 2 trades per week using the Wednesday & Friday expirations on SPX only. I’ll reserve Monday expirations for management positions. My first GTC closed out today, and I did indeed make 20% on the risk. Once you understand how this strategy works, its very simple indeed and the time commitment to making this work is the best part. I’m spending less time on my computer and more time living as the result. I’m hoping to trade SICPs exclusively for the long term, this is the most stress free trading strategy I’ve found yet.

— Mike G

To the Great!!! OMM Team.
Phone App works!!! Great!!!
Thank you ?

— Brad B

Thanks again so much for this SIC training. All the math is starting to come together in my head (and I really struggle with math), but I’m getting it! This morning I just locked in a modest $383 profit on a 1 contract SIC. (attached is my trophy, a screen grab of the trade lots) 4 weeks out, forgiveness factors: call side 25, put side 30. Original credit call side: 1.75, then 1.58 after repositioning. Put side credit 1.15, then 1.27. Total credit stands at 5.75, New cost basis is a little low, but a positive number: 1.92. So GTC set for 2 even. I’m going to hold it and let the clock tick. If either side gets ITM I’ll place another SIC around the entire thing, and weed out the losing side of the original SIC. Just thought to let you know, I try to tell my wife how exciting this stuff is and she just smiles and has no idea what I’m talking about. Thanks again.

— Mike G

Thanks so much for your time and the amazing programs you offer.
I am learning so much and feel blessed to have found your system

via a webinar that you did for members of  Chaikin Analytics.

P.S. Erin does a fantastic job…as you know.

— Nadine K

To all you guys at OMM, a really big thank you. Per the SIC training seminar series, I opened my own first SIC credit spread on SPX this Monday, didn’t see anything actionable on Tuesday, but then today, Wednesday, I saw I could reposition the long call and the short put for an overall profit (the long call was for a very small loss but maintained the 10 pt iron condor and provided an overall profit)  I then immediately closed out of the entire trade…like 5 minutes later, and retained a .65 profit. I only placed this order for 1 contract so made about $45 for the whole thing but let me tell you, I am more excited about that $45 then the anything else I’ve made following your trade alerts because I did this on my own. This stuff is pure gold.

I’m still trying to find that sweet spot of a modest and reasonable profit target for exiting the entire iron condor and may pick you’re brains more on what targets to set, there are so many variables. My goal is to harvest the profit on 1 or 2 sides, then exit the 10 pt Iron Condor ASAP. Then rinse and repeat.
Thank you guys so much for what you’re doing, I’m really excited about the future and wish you guys all the best, it means a lot to me.

— Mike G

Tonight’s webinar was another outstanding presentation from OMM.
I know I compliment you all frequently, but believe me I always feel you deliver a heck of a lot more than you promise.
Best of all, Your teaching is not just theory, it is vital knowledge that can lead to solid consistent
I will try to think of something complain about sooner or later. Chuckle.

— Don R

CRAZY thankful I am beginning to see the light with trading with you guys and especially the Seed IC’s! Last 5-6 weeks have profited me over $9,000.

— Greg S

Thanks again for all the help and assistance you and the OMM team provide. I’m a HUGE fan of your service and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to trade options over the past 7 months. Looking forward to learning more through the Profit Maker program for the next six months (at least).

— Scott L.

Erin, I very much appreciate the advance notice on setting up SICs. Also love your explanations on how to manage these.

— Chris S


I very much enjoy trading with you and Mark, I especially get a kick out of the way you two banter back and forth. If you knew me better, I would bash you both, in fun of course.
I was in the live trading room from the first day Mark started it a few years ago. He has changed somewhat how he trades, partly because of you and Able Sys. which I respect. (I made a little over $23,000 that first month and have never looked back)
Mark taught me how to have the confidence to take the trade, and manage it later if I got it wrong, that I could manage my way out of almost anything.

I was gone from the trading room for a while, because I stayed with my Uncle on the family homestead so he could live out his life on the only place he knew. He passed away in May, and I came back full time, or part time I should say, because of my patience level. I try to make my goal, and then head out to work on the ranch.
I fell in love with the rancher lifestyle. Now I trade options with you guys, and have 70 head of cattle that I love to work with. The balance is awesome, and you guys are the greatest ever!!!
I originally learned to trade stocks based on candle stick charts and price movement, never really got away from that, just use it now to trade options. I listen in and follow the Able trend sys you guys use to back me up.

— Ron O

Michael you have been awesome describing the correct time to enter a trade. I am getting better using /able trends thanks to your commentary. I gave up on the Ameritrade signal and switched to eSignal when they had issues.

— Dick B

Hi Michael: I want to thank you for showing me something I think I am going to use in the future. I have been trading your Nov 2100P on the SPX and making money almost every day. I like it because I am not worried about time. I have simulated the leg and when the price goes below $25 I start buying and $ cost avg. as it goes lower. I have managed to close it out for $2 profit almost every day or every other day.

— Henrietta J.

Just legged into a put debit spread on spx at zero credit. By the way, I completed the leg in trade when I stopped to get some gas. Gas cost me 28 dollars. Will close my spread tomorrow for around 200. I’m traveling for free!

— Kevin S

Cannot describe how much I value/appreciate your support/responses! It is what separates you guys from the pack.

— Greg S

Just a quick note to say a “BIG Thank You” for painstakingly explaining and demonstrating the inner workings of capturing profits using “Seed Iron Condors”.

In past I have used them, but just followed along and did not fully understand how they worked.

Your Monday report, where you walked thru the inner workings really turned the light bulb on for me.

I stayed with the NDX DecWk3 4890/4900 Call and did not widen it to 15-point spread, since I have a 74 cent Positive Credit and I had no need to go negative-credit on any position, since I did not have any positions which needed to be covered.

Keep up the GREAT Work !!

Love your Daily Reviews !!


— Nolan B.

Following your profit builder daily videos I am up $961 in two weeks of trading on relatively small amount of capital at risk.  LOVE those Iron Condor trades!

Thanks for all of your amazing mentoring and coaching!  You have a rare gift girl.

By the way–I am a newbie to options trading.  I joined Profit Builder in Jan. 2016 and spent the first 8 months paper trading following your daily videos.

— Kelvin T

When SPX hit the 3 min Resistance I covered my SPX 2170 PUT, with 2165 and got a 3.20 credit which is $307.98 net What I like about this Long Debit spread is that if the market keeps trending down I do even better. I’m just doing what Mark D. says to do.

— Daniel H

Hey Michael, thanks for your words during yesterday’s Q&A, after a bad trade this morning where i lost some, i took a deep breath and placed a new trade where i legged into a vertical in SPX where i landed a -1.60 cost basis. i kept hearing what you said. i appreciate how even keeled everyone on the team is. Thanks!

— Marc S

I have never known such and incredible program you have put together. A hardy compliment to you and your team. I have been in the Profit Builder program for 6 months and have just placed my first trade using the Profit Accelerator system. I am a very nervous trader who 2nd guesses my every move, but you guys are so supportive and calm that it increases my confidence. Thank you, this is life changing!

— Ron P

Cramer just posted his Investing “Dream Team”…I’m wondering why Mark and Michael are not on it.

— Brian M

I’ve been in here for a year now and I just wanted to say to those who may be on the fence…the education here is invaluable and the personal help cannot be compared.  I have studied around a lot, and this is more than excellent value here.   The Daily Positions Review is really helpful. I find myself waiting for it!!!!!  JUMP OFF that fence……you will learn and can carry this knowledge of trading the indexes to the management of all your trades.

— Helen L

The week was not smooth trading for me, but ended with a nice $6400 net profits trading 5 contracts on NQ and ES. Loving the mid day trainings for options too! Looking forward to following along with the ATM alerts starting Monday. Have a good week guys, thank you much as always.

— Josh H.

My first full week with you guys (In SIM mode of Course). Thanks for being great teachers in this exciting setting. Look forward to learning more from you all.

— James H.

Considering all trades based on a single contract I am up 26.5 points.

— James F.

Thank you.  I enjoy the coaching and guidance in the Live Trading room and am learning a lot of information. Have a great day.


Ok. Done for today. $1,064 + $485 – Optimizer. See you tomorrow.

— Michael S.

no matter what you folks say i bought the ao to ao in october and traded myself and took a real whipping….although your room did well so i think being in the room is paramount

— Nash M.

fyi i am up about 8K in the last week or two since i got back online with you guys. 2k today

— Robert G.

Damn, that was the hardest decision I ever made – to sign up and incredibly for free! You all are so generous with your knowledge and honest total commitment to help others enhance their lives THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! –

— Michael M.

Calling it a day and week, brain needs a break. up $1905.00 for the week. Really looking forward to Monday with both options and futures trading. enjoy the weekend, stay dry and stay safe.

— David C.

Awesome job…I will be here for a long time as my balance stays in the green. Thank you.

— Michael H.

Mark – you are such a pro’s pro in both your sharing knowledge as well as conveying the normalcy and no need for emotion in your speaking, thank you.

— Michael S

thx Michael! learning lots from you & Mark’s futures videos!! I deeply appreciate you GUYS!!!

— Mark P.

Nice job today on calling out interpretation of charts…helped me profit +1000.

— Stephen F

Thanks,Mike.As usual I followed your advice using the 10 min guide.I was 4 for 4 .NO puts all calls.

— Muhtar Y,

Glad to see volatility back. Profits last two weeks total $64,004. Carrying some puts and calls, but have a couple of weeks to work with them.

— Kevin S.

I was trading Freedom 5 trade all Friday (the one closed today) Made around $400 on that alone. + a couple of other trades.  At the end of the day I had 1 put at $15, 1 at $14.50, 1 at $14, 1 at $13, and 1 at $11,90. Closed today all 5 at $19. Gain of a little over $2,600 for today.

— Michael S

I’ve been with OMM for a few years now and PBP was a good refresher for me. In fact, i’ve modified my day trading strategies to include covering positions that don’t immediately profit and if necessary managing them away with SICP. Have recorded no losing days since using this approach and keeping my capital commitment at any given time much lower. Happy Trading!

— Doug W

You guys do a great job. Love being a part of it

— David B.

Mark, I have had the best education from your organization that I have ever had. I have been taking classing for 20 plus years. In the last year my trading has become very profitable. Thanks to you, Michael and Erin.

— Mary M

I have lived through the examples Mark talked about tonight. Back in 2016 I had a drawdown of $9,000.00. I open an Iron condor and 3 days later I managed and closed the iron condor and took in $10,550 in profits
I was also a member on that day that the live trading room grossed over $450,000.00. I made $23,000.00 on that day. OMM is the best as far as I am concerned because I lost a LOT of money with other organizations that never offered management trades.

— David C

I have been your client and student for now close to two years. I never had this kind of education before. I will continue to be your client especially in the Freedom 5 Program which is more suitable to a person like me who is retired ad the way it operates in trading practices.

— Girdhari G

Hang in there, my friend. Just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how incredibly much I appreciate what you do on a daily basis. Without you calling out all your trades, winners and losers alike, I simply wouldn’t be able to trade. It’s tough enough just to trade by yourself, so I really appreciate how tough it would be to do what you do and call it out and monitor everything, especially when a few trades don’t go your way. But you’re a GREAT trader, and you win far more than you have expenses, so just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your trading knowledge and always letting us know the trades you take, win or lose. Thanks a million !

— Eric L

Stop sign is up. 18 trades today with 1 or 2 contracts, 17 winners and 1 draw down. $836 net earned after commissions. Good enough for me and above my target.

— Randy B

Wow! If you have a moment I would like to share the following. I like to say if its the truth it cannot be bragging. I have been having a great run with my trading lately thanks to OMM LTR……. I am using the small dots as per Ron looking for resistance and using your guide lines for stochastic(especially the 30 second + false bar) and some cost averaging as pre Mark….19 trades, no losers today, no BS…..$740 gain…..things just keep getting better…..totally grateful to all of you.

— Stephen F

Up $1500 for the day $3200 and some change for the week. Best week yet. Thanks for teaching selling to cover. It lessened the blow of a potential write off. Where did the Bollinger bands go?

— Allen G

Between two accounts, my spx realized gains for the day was $2620. That’s big day for me. Feels a lot better to do that on a Friday than to lose. I keep learning from you all and you’re helping me to be a much better trader. I really appreciate your help! You’ve taught me so much.

— Ted H

At $1,002 for the day. I might have to call it a day. Its taken me a while to get better at this but I decided this week to go further out with my expirations…usually a week, and only taking 2 contracts usually looking for 50cents to a dollar. I had almost no losers all week because I let things cycle instead of taking them off to quickly. Doing that this week I made almost 1000 a day every day while keeping my capital commitment around 2500. Listening to you and Mark talk about that made me give it a try and its less heartburn.

— John M

Okay here we go.  13 trades….all winners. Up $1045.64. Only took more than 40 cents once. All the trades are extremely fast. I consider myself lucky today and will probably call it a day. Kept the capital commitment under $2500.

— John M.

Wow thanks for the insight into trading to you, Mark and Ron at AbleTrend have shared. I am getting my act together and developing my own style based on your experience and did 6 safe trades with puts and calls for $50 each…300, not bad!

— Stephen F.

Thank you Mark and Erin, learning a lot. Was not able to witness the whole day but still learn whenever I can.

— Neena S

Awesome, love trading with Michael, and he is totally awesome, but really, really enjoy trading with you in the room, Mark. You give me a confidence and perspective that is so incredibly helpful to me furthering my trading. I’m up $325 today which is big for me. More importantly is how I got there, following you and following signals to leg in and out of straddles and strangles. Thanks so, so much

— Eric L

9 trades today, the loss was from the SPX from this morning, but the bonus trade i wasn’t able to get into because it happened so quickly. Seeing how you traded today helped me decide when to cost average a Put i was at one point down over 1k on 4 contracts, but with that last move down we had I got out for a small profit. Had I not cost averaged I wouldn’t have been able to make that happen. My loss this morning was $369, but I am ending the day up 500 and my goal is 500-800 a day. thanks for the help. and you have showed me that even when you are holding a trade like that with a draw down to keep taking trades and signals to make profits to offset a potential loss so while I was waiting that out I made a few profitable trades. Hard to not let a position like that distract me.

— John M

today up 23.5% on my $2,000 of capital. Sure beats the Banks.

— James F

Think I will call it a good first day…$220 profit, all 1 contract

— Jeremy J

All RUT trades $828 profit on no more than 5 contracts…5 trades…4 wins 1 loss

— JT O

5 trades with no losses….. spx positions only with lower deltas to keep risks lower as I am still learning and loving it for 240 profit…thanks for the coaching …Va Steve –

— Stephen F

Did a strangle and made $ on both sides. 2675 call and 2680 put. Up $1100 for the day.

— Ted H.

Just closed 4 contracts of SPX 2665 20 Feb in at $25.00. Out $39.60. +5560

— Marvin M.

11 trades all positive for a net profit of $443.

Believe or not, I paid for a trading room for one year January 11 and then came across your trial. I am really with you guys.

— Neena S.

I second that great coaching, very patient with your explanations.

— Chandra T.

7 wins 3 losses all on the RUT 1672 profit i average about 17% on my capital.

— John O

Good evening everyone. $1536 profit today. Thank you,

— p\Patrick P

Guys…..Just to let you know, the live sessions I’ve been able to attend have surpassed any expectations I may have had. I have not been able to give you my undevided attention since I have been playing “Uncle Buck”, babysitting my 2 year old grandson. I do plan on following up with Dorothy via e mail to determine which of your products are suitable for me. Thanks for the learning experience as I’m changing diapers.

— Jon R

As for now I would like to cancel my LTR subscription. I will continue to trade on my own with the great stuff I learned from you.
I would also like to thank Mark, Michael, Erin and Allison for their invaluable help in teaching me to become a better trader! To be honest Mark to me is rather a father figure and not just a competent teacher. 🙂
I strongly hope that we can meet one day, and I can thank all this in person.

— Tom B.

Just totalled my Freedom 5 gains since first of the month, these small profits add up quickly. $800 extra For me =  Impressive considering the lower risks.

— Donald R.

I have been a member of all your programs since late 2015 and I firmly believe we will be successful with this program as well. Really excited to getting started. Thanks Mark and the rest of the team as well

— David C

My advice to our trading community is to never break that rule. If you do you have to be a part of the live trading room to have any chance of weathering through the storm successfully .

Thanks Michael for all you do. You really helped me become a better trader today


— Gerry T.

Been practicing for the past few weeks and made my first live trade today. first day and made $304. thanks and off to work…this is great  

— Mario D

Missed today’s trade but up 52% since starting. 

— Douglas T

Good Afternoon Michael and Mark, What an exciting day! I entered my first SPX trade today. I bought 2 puts at $7.70 (not perfect for an entry price), and I went on to set my OCO orders at $5.30 for the Stop and $9.30 for the STC orders. I made some mistakes and was able to correct them, but I ended up with $320 less commissions! Can you even believe that??!!! Not ever day’s a winner, but I feel like a million dollars now. Michael and Mark, my deepest gratitude!! – Thanks so very much!!!

— Robert P

I came to OMM to learn and have learned a lot. I think the OMM team is awesome and will do whatever they can to help in all situations. I’m a sponge and want to absorb everything! Thanks OMM team.

— Marvin M

“May has been my best and more profitable trading month in 3 years of trading options. Thanks to the Options Money Maker team, I feel confident in what I am doing and I love turning my new found knowledge into PROFITS!”

— Janice C.

I would like to thank Mark and the OMM team for helping me to navigate the steep learning curve towards understanding options trading.  The knowledge and experience offered through the program was invaluable.

— Tim G

This market is requiring the use of al the tools in the tool box – seemingly all at once – Thank you for helping us develop those tools. You and your team have elevated my trading knowledge higher than I ever imagined possible – Thank you

— Peter L

I have been in the trial this week and I can not believe how much less stressful it is to enter these day trades when you know how to spread off the risk instead of taking losses.

— Mike R


— Wayne W

I never traded options when I joined Profit Builder. I have been a member for several months now. I have also taken numerous webinars from others. I have learned the most from you four. You are interesting and the best! Thank you!

— Jean K

IMO, the pricing for all Mark’s programs is a great value … plus the different programs allow ‘bite-sized’ investments in my trading education … thanks Mark!

— Gerald K

You do a wonderful job at communicating the trades. I am a big fan of you since your beginning with Mark. Keep up the great job and thanks again for all your help.

— Arthur

FYI on our election strangle, I made 920 on the put on the morning after the election and 1005 on the call at the opening today.

— Brain G.

$3.10 profits from seed condor today on 5 cts is nearly a weeks worth of earnings for me $400 a day is my goal…chuckle

— Donald R

Out of RUT for $12.10. Whoo hoo 🙂 That was my best run ever for one day trade. Thats what I did in that RUT move today….100% by Able.

— Ernest G

I really like the way Erin does the daily reviews, concise, to the point, easy to follow with the right amount of detail. Very nice. I figure if I follow them long enough I can figure this seed I/C out.

— Steve M

Thank you Profit Builder for getting me out AMZ call credit spread for $1.00 . . . nice profit!!!

— Chris S

Forgot to tell you that I did great on your AMZN call. Closed early morning today for close to a 50% profit. BTO it at $8.60 and closed it at 12.60.

— Henrietta J

I wanted to thank you all, between Profit Builder and Profit Accelerator, i’ve had a pretty good month- up $4,850 for the month. still digging out of a hole i put myself in earlier this year, but i’m slowly getting there. The way you all teach how to trade builds confidence. Thanks!

— Marc S

Thank you Profit Builder for getting me out AMZ call credit spread for $1.00 . . . nice profit!!!

— Chris S

fyi, i bought the NDX 4830 call you opened yesterday..dont day trade so sto 4840 call. closed spread for $2 profit. 1 ct, 200 bucks here and there turns into lot of grits and grocery money.

— Donald R

I have spent a lot of money trying to learn options(i.e. Sheridan, Options Animal(worst money I ever spent) and others(.  There is nothing that compares to your program.  Your program actually teaches something.  The others only teach mechanics of  Options Trading.  You actually teach “how to think liked a trader”.  It has been a pleasure to actually learn something for my money.  Thanks

— Robert W.

Michael: I thought I should tell you how well I have done with the strategy you shared with us. I started on Sept. 1 w/SPXNov2100P and then changed to SPXJan1950P. The avg. price I paid per contract was $2,500 and my profit to date is $7,525 (about 300% profit?)

— Henrietta J.

I have spent a lot of money trying to learn options(i.e. Sheridan, Options Animal(worst money I ever spent) and others(.  There is nothing that compares to your program.  Your program actually teaches something.  The others only teach mechanics of  Options Trading.  You actually teach “how to think liked a trader”.  It has been a pleasure to actually learn something for my money.

— Robert W.

Collected gross profits of $775 in Profit Builder today

— Chris S

There may be something to this BB snap stuff….$10 on 4880 put and $10 on the 4860 call

— Mark M

Thanks for all your hard work to help my learn more. Mark it’s been great having you chat these past days, I’ve made a bit of money off your advice on BB snaps-send me an invoice LOL

— Caleb M

So my total for today alone on the 2100P is $3,142.63 . Not counting what I made in the last few days.

— Henrietta J

Just love you Michael! Today I BTO and STC 3 times on the NDX Nov 2100P. Each time I made about $3. Bought for around $22 or below and closed at $25. I use a GTC to close.

— Henrietta J

I really like this service.  Everything is well explained, questions are handled promptly and I have great confidence in the trades you recommend.  Not in that I expect they will all go our way, but that you will be able to show us how to manage those that don’t.  Can’t say enough good about Options Money Maker.

— Debbie

Nice to start off the day with two profits on put spreads I locked in yesterday for a zero cost basis on spx. The move down this morning made the spread worth even more than yesterday. Nice! –

— Kevin S

Just wanted to thank Erin for todays video, cooler heads will prevail.

— Mike G

Bought 4800 oct put for 81.  Covered with 4795 at 87.Yes. $6 + the spread value.

— Ace F 

First of all I would like to thank u for this service. I’m learning so much n having a lot of fun doing it ?

— Kevin O.

Thank you again Mark and team (especially Erin in the PB program) for all the great instruction and learning. It’s amazing how the little details in the daily reviews add up to so many ‘ah ha’ moments.

— Andy B.

We should have a segment every day…M.I.T…..Michael’s insights to trading.

— Mark M

In at 105 out at 125 I would have taken $3 too. This am I left my computer and helped the kiddos get ready for school and came back to a nice surprise!

— Caleb M

Thanks Mark, that’s what I like about you and your staff. You place just as much emphasis on teaching me the  psychology and proper mind set to be a good trader for the long haul as you do the mechanics  of how to trade. I just finished the year long option monster program and they do some of that but you really take it to a new level and I really do appreciate that and am so glad I found you guys.

— Gerry T.

Thank you Mark. That was a good trade on ISRG. I BTO at 33.60 and STC at $40.40 – Total Profit $671.00

— Henrietta J

I’m done for today; going to paly golf. $5350 realized plus $950 locked in. Thanks for everything and have a great weekend!

— Jamie W

OK team. Thank you for a tremendous day. I am taking a portion of todays profits and take my Wonderful wife out to lunch. Looking forward to being with everyone Monday morning

— Monty E

Thanks guys, my little account got me 2,460 today 🙂

— Stefan L

base hits today for 5.40 profits, following Marks SPX trades on screen. $1200 profits.Thx Mark

— Tom T

I’m up $ 11,348 so far today and still have profits to take. Great day!

— Kristen M

took a beating on the fills and delays today but over all still green with 13,220 in profits today… clean slate again. SMILES

— David F

First day trade in LTR….spx 2175 in at 27.50 out at 28.50… More like a bunt but got on base! I hope I never get tossed from the LTR because I would not trade without it

— Ron F

thank you Mark.. i started with a one contract trade on RUT… been managing and taking profits on short puts along the way reducing my cost basis.. working with 3 different strikes and have got my cost down to 13.00 on 4 contracts of the 1200 July 22 puts.. all the management training has helped me in this process. i will let you know how it all works out. I also have 2 1210 puts that i legged into to help my delta.. have focused all my efforts on this RUT trade.. what a journey

— David F.

Thanks for the great webinar! I have been a high net worth broker for 20+ years and it is not lost on me, that my largest accounts are credit spread strategies. Figured it is time to join them. I have been monitoring your service since day one, can’t wait to finally get started!


— Rob C

Good Morning All. I would like to thank Erin on what a tremendous job she has been doing on the Profit Builder Review. I especially want to show my appreciation for the simulated trades that she has incorporated into her review. This is a great help in learning options for the options. Keep up the great work in teaching us more of the option “world”!

— Terry T

Mark, teaching capital leverage and watching your capital is something that I haven’t seen anyone else teach. They all teach how to pick trades, without understanding of capital.

— Neysa T

Maybe newcomers who can’t trade a lot would be interested in knowing I have opened and closed only 7 trades averaging 4 contracts each this month, but have pocketed over $4500 profit. Averages $465 per trade.

— Donald R

I was (working while on) vacation at Disney the past two days with my phone connected to the webinar and an earbud in one ear. I do less contracts than yall…but closed $1700 on Wednesday and $2100 yesterday. Like they say…Have a magical day!…I did! Thank you Mark, Michael, Allison and Erin!!

— Greg S

Company arriving shortly so i need to wish you a great weekend, but I wanted to say thank you for changing my outlook on trading. I am finishing the week with profits of $4780 – since Jan 18th I have profited $96,250 as an active trader and $5,105 from profit builder program for a total of $101,355.00 – JUST CRAZY!!! Thank you and your team so much.

— Peter L

Mark, Michael, Allison, Erin, as my free trial comes to an end I just wanted to thank all of you for a most enjoyable and eye opening week. I am a Profit Builder member and I look forward to when I will be able to sign up for Profit Accelerator and participate in the LTR. Thanks.

— Robert K

8,157 for the week

— Craig G

Up $21,760 for the week

— Darol J

$5675 for the week

— Robert W

thanks guys I’m in all cash, no trades today and traded 9 days since 1/4 up $12.5k

— John M

My 3rd Day as a New Member in the Live Trading Program, Total Net Gain for the 3-Days $5256.34

— Phil C

$14,135 for the week- hopeful bout next week!!

— Brian G

4500 this week in an account starting with less than 10000…Thank you very much!!!

— Shay E

I have an avg. of 1153.00 per day Thanks

— Bob R

Masterful job on the execution of that Iron Condor. They say timing is everything and you showed it. Unfortunately, I did not participate in that one but I follow the daily reviews and participate in most trades. I love the alerts. I’m really enjoying what you folks do.  I have re-learned so much again. My biggest obstacles are discipline and emotion. You help me take those factors out of my trading. Wish I could trade full time again but am building profits back up first.. Thanks

— John L

Hip, hip, hurrah! Just to congratulate you on the beautiful trades on the NDX seed IC! You are a true master!

— Henry C

If we make every day $400+ I quit my job and  join the trading room the whole day even though it starts at 3:30 pm for me.

— Martin M

Mark and Michael, I can’t thank you both enough for the value that you are providing to me and the rest of the room. I used to be an aquatics manager at a glitzy club in Savannah, GA. I oversaw 5 pools, 20 staff, and 3000 high maintenance members. we were open from 5am to 9pm daily including weekends…there was no such thing as a 40 hour work week. I was a slave to satisfying members, my boss, my staff, staying up on emails, reports, phone calls, vendors….pretty much everything. This program is just us roommates and the screens. it can be stressful, certainly. but with your guidance, calmness,and laughter, my life and lifestyle are bright. thank you so much for all you do. I keep you and your team in my prayers.

— Greg S

Thanks, I enjoyed my first day of trading with you. Net $929 on 3 trades. Look forward to tomorrow.

— Steven H

I just wanted to thank you personally and on behalf of everyone for your taking the time and effort to help us manage our way out of our recent challenged positions in the profit builders account. When we had a similar situation after the August sell off I was really impressed with your sharing your advanced skills to help us successfully manage those challenged positions. Unfortunately when u chose not to do the same after the next big correction I temporarily lost my confidence in the profit PB program. I almost quit the program. My confidence has now been fully restored! I think I speak for most of your followers when I say I would much rather work harder, study more and accept the challenge to follow your advanced management; than suffer the losses which will obviously be incurred if you are afraid to challenge us with the best management required to resolve the problem.

Again thank you for restoring my confidence in the program. Please don’t hesitate to do advanced management in the future.


— Ken S

Mark, just a note to let you know the trades today on the NDX were masterfully done. The thing I like about your method of trading, if the market goes against you, you know how to trade your way out. Thanks

— Billy T

Man I love this type of trading

— Marquette N

what an exciting day… this strategy is fun… thanks for having me back

— Bader B

I was in the pool in Tucson when you got that signal.. had the MAC under a chair with speekers on. LOL what a way to trade!

— David F

Wow guys, I made 5200 with a 21000 account.  Almost 25% gain in one day using your buy signals.  Thanks

— Robert W

I have followed all of your recommendations in using the 4420/4430 Seed Iron Condor to mitigate/transfer the liabilities of the 1/15/16 NDX 4490/4500 and RUT 1120/1125 troubled positions.

End Result – WOW!

I closed the balance of the Seed Iron Condor this afternoon and achieved an overall $3,579.27 profit that encompassed the net result from all of the various positions.

THANK YOU for all of your directions and compassionate guidance.

— Richard N

I am out of original NDX position using the seed iron condor management trade with a nice net profit of $3652.

— W K

I am at 2000.00+ a Day What am I doing Wrong LOL

— Mike B

So happy I joined y’all back in the trading room!  Thank you for another great day!

— CJ P

I am in a pleasant state of shock.  Thank you Michael and Mark.   $17,000 profit. No one will believe us.

— Donald R

Only Made $ 16,640.00  LOL. I Started a year ago with Profit Builders and without that I would have been LOST in this Live Trading Room   BRAVO !!!

— Mike B

Mark, honestly, I didn’t like your 4150 trade yesterday morning but I decided to jump in because of your confidence.  Followed you all the way and bot 4 contracts (in for a penny in for a pound).  Cost basis was 63.12 and I got out at the open for 110.  $18724 profit.  Thank you!  Today’s gain is $18724.75.  Still can’t believe it!

— Michael D

PROFIT $23928 on 4170 calendar & 4150 put AWESOME! My first day in the room was last Thursday 1/07/16. My profitis $30,733 since then. I’m here to stay. THANK YOU

— Darol J

You are changing lives. God bless you both! This is fun! Team environment!

— Greg S

$35,000 today. A big thank you!!!!!!

— Kevin S

I made $26,262 wow!

— Karl G

My cancel replace was slow but I still made $15,000 today.  Way To Go.  I started last Friday and made a mistake one trade that day.  total since then is 24,000. Thanks to u guys.

— David C

I screwed up badly last week in my first week in the live trading room.  I didn’t follow you exactly and I was down 23K at the end of the week.  Now I’m up 13800 and very very happy.

— Karl G

I made a $19,714.76 proft!

— Tim H

You guys are creating wealth!

— Michael K

Kudos (again) to you for consistently preaching success via conservative methods! Small trade amounts, compounding, take your time, eliminate anxiety, learn to have fun, etc. Amazing how the simple/old school things still work!

— Greg

All four of the Live Seminars were good and very, very instructive. Could not be any better.

— Ray D

I have to say your commentary is great.  You have taught me a lot about options that I didn’t know after years of trading and more so patience.  Greatly appreciated.

— David C

Thanks so much for all the work you put in for OMM subscribers, the webinars and Daily Reviews! Given the market has been so volatile for start of 2016 your comments have been welcomed. What has also been welcomed is fact I plugged in an actual profit for my first week … and this has been one of worst weeks EVER in the market!

— Greg

I am officially cutting my CNBC watch time as of today. LOL. Learning to trade the OMM way is a true awakening!

— Brad B

I was 5400 bucks in the hole this morning on the 4225 put trade, I place and order for $100 profit.  Got it.  That was the best $100 profit I ever got.  Thanks Michael for updates on the charts, I stayed because of your confidence.  Thank you so much.

— Steve M

Mark, Great Presentation, one of the BEST! We just have to be Patient, Disciplined and Positive. Again, Thank you for your Guidance and Support.

— Cesar S

I started in the Profit Builder last August.  Now our 3 Sons are also in Profit Builder.  After 2 days in the live trade room I asked 1 Son to join the live trade room.  As soon as the other 2 get more knowledge of options trading strategy they will join also.

— John V

Yesterday was my first day on here. Have been on Profit Builders a couple months. $2836 in profits yesterday. You’re AWESOME. I think I’ll stick around for awhile.

— Darol J

5 trades yesterday, $4K, I just paid for my family trip to Maui!

— Joaquin M

I have taken a lot of education and traded with a number of groups.  Even very successful floor traders.  But never anything like this, I’m loving it already and totally understand your trade thoughts” from the am and then again this afternoon “I covered the 4350 with the 4365 and CS is less than the $20 spread.  Thanks for all the explanation.  Great first day, Learned a lot, made some money and really enjoy the comedy which we need these days.

— David C

If this is how the Live Trading Room is conducted on a daily basis, I can tell I’m really going to enjoy the experience.  Your down to earth, you joke around, you answer questions.  I look forward to the daily banter and trades.  Wish I would of signed up earlier.  Expected something more complicated.  Thanks for making it so simple and easy

— Randall B

Looking forward to the upcoming webinar, however, doing what we’re doing now I’ve banked over 21000 this week. I’ve averaged down on quite a few of the positions in order to do this but you guys have guided me through a great start to the new year. Thank you so much!!!

— Brian G

This is a feedback comment…I have historically been pretty awful at reading charts. Your channel approach has changed that and I am now gaining confidence in reading the charts and placing positions and making adjustments accordingly. Thanks to you and your team for providing a sensible approach. You and Allison do a great job with the daily reviews and explaining what you are doing and why.

— Ron M

I want to thank you again.  Im still in your program and “lovin” it.  You are right.  Patience is key.  And every day I feel more confident in what Im doing.  It really does take a resolve to review this information over and over.  (at least for me). Thank you.

— Jerri H

Just read your news for the upcoming new year.  Sounds very exciting.  Its nice to see the constant improvements to the program.

Have been learning and learning, and still enjoy the daily reviews.  I could probably be trading completely on my own by now, but its nice to have that constant daily input.  Seems like I’m still learning new information that will help me in my trading when the time comes to cut the ties.  But for now its nice to know your out there teaching, advising.

The wealth of information I have learned over the months is priceless, and will be with me forever.  The most important thing I think I have learned over the months is PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE.  The second to me anyway would be turning off the media.  What a relief.  Trading the credit spreads is coming easier, and easier, and the few mistake that I made in the beginning were good learning experiences, and have become less frequent if at all.  When my subscription comes up for renewal I will consult with you to see if I might qualify for your more advanced program.  By then hopefully I’ll be confident, and ready to jump on board.

I wish YOU ALL a Very Wonderful Christmas Holiday, and another prosperous and HEALTHY New Year

— Randy B

I am a new subscriber. I have been trading options at a novice level for some time. Last year I took a training course focused on trading SPX Iron Condors. Shortly thereafter I began trading spreads with some success. The late August drop caught me out and  I made rookie mistakes, however I have not destroyed my account. Although I am not yet trading your system (still dealing with my own lingering liabilities), I find your daily positions report very helpful. I like the disciplined way you go through each position and your professional manner, speed and efficiency. I have also adopted (still a work in progress) your charting methods, as best I can. It is an excellent way to determine trade placement and the need to make adjustments. I used it quite effectively just today.

I have been exposed to several options training courses and find your system to be superior to the others I know about. I appreciate that you have not dumbed the program down to an entry level expertise. Your subscribers need to at least have some familiarity with trading options. I have noticed quite a few of my peers want to find fault or blame others when they get in trouble.  I like it that you don’t waste our time with those who should not be doing this type of trading.

The changes and additions you mention below are all of interest to me. I do not see myself as a short term trader but I know I would gain from watching your trading process. The daily webinars will be a must for me.

— Ron M

I just want to say how much I appreciate how your presentations are conducted. As a Christiian man , I particularly appreciate the absence of profanity by you and your staff. This is indeed rare in this day and age and you are to be highly complemented on that. During this past two or three months you have guided us through a difficult time in a way that is both calming and reassuring. I wasn’t able to hold onto all of the profits from the beginning of the year but this was due to my own mismanagement of capital. I went too heavily into positions before Aug 24 based on the success the profit builder program enjoyed before that time and was unable to take advantage of the management trades you made to steer us through this recent difficult time(bad row of stumps). It was costly but I have learned the importance of capital management. I have learned a lot since joining the live trading room and thoroughly enjoy the presentations. I’m looking forward to the coming year and the new long offerings you are talking about presenting.

Thanks again Mark, to you  and your staff.

— Brian G

This has been a great month . I’m still doing this as a paper trade but it is working . I’m gaining confidence that this will work for me. Thank you for all you do to teach . This has been a great time. I’m planning to start 2016 with real live trading. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to Mark and the whole team.

— Larry B

Got the time today to listen to the Overview webinar of last week… very sound advise throughout it.

Simply.. thanks for providing the guidance, education and opportunity to me to be part of the program. I understand from previous experience what it takes to work out of a difficult situation or downturn in any aspect of life rather than just quitting. So I appreciate the efforts you make to help us learn how to actually work out of difficult option trade… I really like the consideration you give for staying within the limits of our risk tolerances and being patient with the market rather than fighting it.

Option trading is a totally brand new effort for me…I have a ton to learn. It is confusing sometimes and at times I am bewildered by all the nuances to it…but I’m learning…

My account is positive despite the downturn and I look forward to hearing your reviews each day.

Thanks for teaching an old dog something new.

— Greg W

This is my first week in the live trading room with profits in 3 accounts of $19183. My dear husband, Michael, can now retire! Woohooo! I owe it all to you all!

— Kristen M

Mark, Since starting the live trading room Feb 1st, my profits to day are 45,732! My husband can’t do enough for me just to keep me in my “trading”.  And he does it all with a big smile!

— Kristen M

Even as a long time client, I enjoyed the webinar … you always have such practical (and honest!) things to say and share, and even the ones I’ve heard before bear repeating … and I appreciate that.

I hope you attract enough clients who appreciate your “full disclosure” moments that you are enabled and encouraged to continue them!

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on trading education with “advisors” big and small, and have never benefitted more or gotten as much bang for the buck as from you.

So, I’m hooked … keep up the good work.

— Ray H

I am learning so much from your trading and teaching in daily videos!
I was able to roll some of my old trades that were under water for little money.
And also how to manage trades that have gone against you.

Thx so much (for saving my portfolio).
I feel empowered

— Muhammad

My regards to Mark and the team for articulate trade summaries.  Appreciate the nuggets of knowledge I gain while listening to the daily position reviews. Thank you

— Hank G

I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent teaching job that the team is doing . I’m starting to get the hang of it.

— Malcolm A

I just wanted to take a quick second to respond to the review today.  Your explanation of the markets we trade and how we trade them are always so deliberate and detailed.  Your explanation of the cost basis on the SPX trade we hold was so informative today.  I learn something every day from your reviews and today was no exception.  I am getting more comfortable every day with the program and it is nice watching my account grow.  Thanks again for all you do in the review sessions.  I truly believe you have the traders best interest at heart.  I look forward to the months and years ahead.

— Jeff J

Your recent position review, Nov. 4th , was excellent .  Your explanation of charting as well as the need for patience is very helpful. I constantly remind myself to be patient and that the indices will cycle, but at times a reminder is helpful.  Michaels charting analysis is very interesting and educational.  I am in the elite trader as well, and his charting is great especially when you are in expiration week.  I have been following your repositioning as well as rolling out etc and it is great to see how it is done in conjunction with charting to see what the market is expected to do near term.  Everyone is doing a great job, and I am looking forward to more profits.  I believe I will move to the trade to win during the spring since  I find the charting very interesting when used with momentum, vix, ao etc. Thanks

— Don B

This was the BEST Platinum session I’ve experienced.  The teaching of the object and the context of the seed trade was fantastic.  Honestly I thought that between the training sessions and the daily sessions I was missing the third piece.

— Bruce W

I really appreciate his patience in explaining the management aspect of this program. I only join this month. So I am not in with him in the managing the liability positions. But I am listening to learn. Mark, keep the learning aspects up please.

— Henry C

I’ve been learning options for about three years now and I have learned so much from you. Thank you for the way you explain the trade and how each leg works with and against the trade. And for going over it in each up-date. The first time I heard you explain a trade, I knew I had found a great teacher, and as the days go by I can now look at a trade and see it for what it is. Learning a skill that will change my life. You are taking me to the next level. A long way to go, and I am not a gambler, but I sure want to be a trader. Thanks again.

— Mark S

Am pleased to report my August trading results were quite good with cash generation meeting and exceeding expectations.  I traded only your alerts.  My gains matched yours quite closely. The year-to-date gains are excellent.  Thanks for all your help

— Don R

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the text alerts and the email alerts, as well.  The text allows me to get to wireless access and get my laptop setup to receive the email. I then make the trade and listen to the video from Mark when it comes. Really enjoy listening to Mark and learning, and, again, really appreciate your timeliness with the alerts!

— Bob F

You are amazing. Triple digit jump this morning. Right back in the sweet spot. Can’t wait to see if you wanna hold through the weekend, or if we’re gonna take a nice profit today. I appreciate being a part of your group.

— John R

The last two weeks have been very educational in learning to manage a trade after the huge market drop. You have a very rare talent in being able to explain how to assess the position and manage a trade. A lot of traders know how to trade but they can not explain the art of doing it.

— Ray A

Thanks again for all your help this year, my best year trading ever, due largely to your help.

— Ron O

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I thought Mark did an excellent job conveying the methods and ideas of his approach with the Grow 20 program…

… I also could tell that Mark is not just a pitchman but a top notch educator.  It’s great that he not only has this talent and background but found a way to monetize it beyond the technique that he’s teaching.  Kudos to your team.

— Art H

Thanks for the advice yesterday. I think that the thing I’m learning most from your webinars is to not panic when the trade goes “against” me. I currently have a combo trade at the 4280/4275 strikes with a declining bias (which I would never have known how to do without you). We went pretty far up, and I felt myself starting to get nervous. Then I said, you’ve got until next Thursday – plenty of time for things to go back down. We’re now at 4277. Almost there.

The new motto: What would Mark do?

— John R

Wow! Fast work Mark.  I’m learning a lot from you.  Just followed this first trade without entering.  As I see it the profit was $325-200 debit- commissions.

— Joe G

You and … are the only ones I’ve come across who know this business and are able to communicate clearly.  Your daily report is very informative, especially when you give a reason for your decisions, based upon VIX values, and channel/cycle of the indices: where we are in that cycle, so we can anticipate an upward or downward bias.

A calm, measured delivery helps, too.

— Bruce K

Absolutely useful and helpful…as I mentioned before, Mark is a genius…he has figured things out to the smallest things.

— Moe Y

First off, THANK YOU.

This has been the best trading month of my life.  I think I have told you that in the room, but wanted to reiterate it again.

As I write this, 45 minutes before the close today, I have booked profits of $25,562  with of course some positions still on.  (and I will sleep easy this weekend knowing we can manage them whatever happens next week.)  I can’t wait for Monday mornings!

I can’t imagine what I might be able to do over the next year, with your help of course.  Actually I can!!

— Ron O

I subscribed and followed your trades since the first of the year. I can’t tell you how impressed and happy I am with the results, and especially the daily updates. I have already made back more than it costs, and can’t wait to start learning about the other market tamer once volatility calms down and about some of the adjustments available when the inevitable trade goes against the position. Again, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this program.

— Martin G

I have to thank you for the knowledge I am getting on my charting skills. I already feel my comfortable in my decision-making and more patience in making decisions. This has helped me make better decisions in selling covered call options, and staying in longer before making a immature defensive move. I am trying to liquid as many as these as possible so I can solely trade these Options spreads that you are teaching. Awesome stuff.

Thanks for all that you are doing to make us better traders. This really is the best service (education and trading) I have experienced. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

— Avery A

Sounds like you have a room filled with some awesome traders. I am thankful for having this experience-it’s really the high point of my long trading life.

— Donald R

I’ve learned a lot from your reference materials, daily reviews and market insight

(psychology). I just closed the month. In January my IRA and trading account

positions in RUT, NDX and SPX “net” $66,260.00. I estimate about 40 percent

of January’s results are directly attributable to OMM. Overall, the best month I’ve

ever had…

— Peter R

By the end of last year I couldn’t wait for the weekend when the market was closed. Now I can’t wait for Monday to trade again. I think you and Alison are the best chartist I have seen.

— Ron S

I really like what you’re doing in the live trading room. The time your taking to involve each member when they have questions and comments is great. The style of trading your doing in there is right up my sleeve. I like the wait and let the market come to you approach you take and when the trades aren’t doing great you keep a calm cool and collected manner of we’ll just manage it as we need to. That helps keeping me from panicking out of the trade.

— Bader B

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the information you are giving us to help us trade better. Your Daily tutorials are easy to understand and make a heck of a lot of sense.

I am patiently waiting to see how to handle a position that is price challenged and we may see that soon with the NDX May5 4470/4475C.

I have taken other Credit Spread coursed and yours makes the most sense to me.

Keep up the good work.

— Bob H

I picked up your book ….The Art of Trading….and read it this weekend.  Time for another compliment.  I just found it so straightforward and informative, particularly in the context of what we are doing with the Profit Builder program.  I’m currently in the Protege program with tradeMonster…but I have to say…I think I may have learned as much from your book and the 4 position reviews from last week,  as I have from a bunch of lessons.  Well done, simple…easy to read…good examples and the position reviews are terrific learning tools (I listen to each one a couple of times to pick up theory and criteria for decisions).

— Brian M

I have now closed the first two transactions of your program and the profits have covered the cost of the subscription.

WOW!  What a great start to “earn and learn” under your guidance.  100% credit to you!

Looking forward to the future.

— Richard N

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your efforts of teaching me the in and outs of trading options.

You easy going style and no nonsense approach is really what i was looking for.  I look forward to learning a lot in the 5K profit builder group and looking forward to all of us making consistent profits.

— John R.

One of the best webinars I had. I’ve been doing credit options for years but always had trouble managing loosing positions. I know what I’m doing wrong now.

— Alfredo A

You’re amazing at presenting the material and I feel very fortunate that Pete introduced us. I ‘ve seen ads before but I never knew what was credible online! You nailed it by calling the SPX 2040 and NDX 4420 names as the current spot (or whatever the spot was) as the trading number for the spread. It helps breakdown trade variations on the mark Awesome!

— Marvin F

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for us. You are teaching us a skill that we will have for the rest of our lives and certainly help me for my retirement years! Thank you very much!

— David C

Position Reviews are invaluable … please keep it up.

— Kalam M

Thank You for another excellent Lesson in Today’s Daily Review. You’re an excellent teacher. Thanks so much for all your teaching me!

— Ken S

Since we met last week, I have been watching you and learning. I LOVE the daily updates and mini training sessions as to where you are and what we are doing next. I love todays thought that you are not concerned about a position being in the money as there are several weeks to go. Therefore, I pulled the trigger today on the NDX 4525/4530 spread. I got filled at 2.13 and am feeling very comfortable with this trade. Keep up the good work. Keep teaching and training.

— Darrell W

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying learning… the reviews are very clear and helpful… thanks for you patience with my questions.

— Alan G

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! It’s not often when you buy something like this that you get MORE than you expected. Besides being an Excellent Teacher, you also seem to be a very Good man and sincerely interested in helping people to increase their wealth. The use of compounding and resetting Qtrly is exceptional. That with entering trades with an exit point established helps us overcome and master our own Greed and lack of knowledge to actually build wealth instead of riding the profits back down to a LOSS!

— Ken S

Great program Mark…I have learned so much…loving this week’s trades…I had no idea how to adjust a trade …but…just did my first…that’s worth the price of the program or more.

— Brian M

I’ve been brushing up on your books in the past weeks watching you work your plan.   This is a fantastic program…I look forward to being a long time customer.

— V. Bruce W

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I decided to subscribe. I knew that I was interested in trading the indexes but just did not know how to. I feel very comfortable with your strategy and in knowing that you will not make any wild decisions. I like the way you explain everything.  So clear to me. Thanks for being so patient with people like me.

— Henrietta J

Thanks to the team of Mark, Allison, and Dorothy as well as others in the background for taking the time to help and teach us.

— Manny A

Thank you to you, Allison, Dorothy and any others that are making this program happen.  I’m enjoying it very much and am really pleased with what I’ve learned so far.  I’m finding the pace easy to follow and the topics well explained.

— Mark H

You are doing a wonderful job teaching. Thank you so much.

— John N

These (daily recordings) are REALLY helpful…and I think I’m learning a LOT!
I appreciate your patience explaining all this.

— Ray H

Great job teaching this week.  This week’s market movements provided a ton of great learning scenarios.  I think your teaching method is absolutely terrific.  I’ve gone out and subscribed to ProphetCharts and play the recordings over and over to emulate your charting technique.  I’ve even felt comfortable enough to put on a couple of Iron Condor trades with RUT and OEX…evaluating each one of them the same way we are doing on NDX and SPX.   Again, great job.

— Brian M

Great session today, Mark.  I absolutely enjoy your teaching style….thanks!!!

— Craig G

Thank You. Thank You.  It was great the way it was.  But appreciate the upgrades.  Your team is awesome.

— Randy B

When I got into this, naturally I wanted to make money, but I’m finding the explanations in your daily reviews to be exactly the way I want to learn options trading using “combo” positions.  I’m pleased that some of the open positions are proving to be challenging so I can see the remedies and trade along with an experienced expert on managing them.  That is a big time value!!

— Ron S

Just a quick short note to say Thank You for your guidance and patience you have teaching newbies. I was a day late getting into the SPX 2150/2155 calls but still managed to get a credit of 1.95. Today I was fortunate to get out for a debit of 90cents. This was my very first options trade ever and I am happy that it had a positive outcome.

— Manny J

I look forward to the daily position reviews and admire your calm organized approach to trading especially when there’s time &/or price pressure. You’re a great role model for all traders.

— Kristen M

Just want you to know how much I appreciate the program.  Both the style of trade alerts for ease of implementation, and the daily commentary are excellent.  Your patience in delivery, and your use of repetition really helps to cement understanding of fundamentals and strategy.  It is a real pleasure.

— Barry P

Thanks Mark. I like the way you do the daily updates. I have seen other services that are too busy or too fast to follow. Thanks.

— Doug H

This is exactly why I signed up with your program.  To learn!  If it was just for your alerts, and tips, I wouldn’t of signed up.  So.  Thank You.  You have been absolutely fabulous.

— Randy B

This is a wonderful program. Thank you. Mark is a wonderful teacher.

— John N

Thanks for another fantastic training session! You do an amazing job teaching what I can tell is a very good sized group with a very large range of knowledge and trading experience. Thanks to all of you at Options Money Maker!

— Ken S

It’s been right on so far, Mark I’m enjoying and valuing the pace of learning.

— John R

That’s awesome Mark ….Thanks for this alert to close the trade for HUGE gains ….Today I tasted perfect couple of wins and this is my first win(s) with your subscription. I started from 05/01/2015.  I feel like more wins are coming soon.

— Nanda P

It always feels good to take a profit. Thank you. In the last 4 weeks, I am up 40% in my account. You are quickly converting me to your program. I can’t wait to see what else we can do when the accounts grow larger for bigger profits. Keep on teaching, it is your calling.

— Darrell W

Just a quick note to say thanks.  I’m really getting a lot of good knowledge, and information from you, and your program.  I look forward to the daily updates, every day.  Makes my day!  Learn something new almost every day.  Very interesting about reversing the roll.  Amazing what can be done with options.

— Randy B

First, thanks the great service you’re providing.  This has very easy for me to following and understand.

I traded options a decade ago for a couple years without real guidance or discipline and lost a lot of money, but never lost the passion for trading.  I love the simplicity of focusing on a few indexes, locking in profits and recycling the profits.

However, the biggest benefit for me has the stress removal.  Not from the capital at risk concerns, but from not know the best path to manage a trade at risk.  Your guidance on hypothetical trades for managing the two NDX spreads we currently have open have been eye opening for me.  With that knowledge, that stress is gone.

Thanks again and I look forward to the continue learning and success.

— Keith J

I know you are probably getting a lot of questions  (especially as you add new folks)…. I have to say I have not had many questions because if you follow the email and the updates it is very clear what we are doing… I have been in other similar services… this is much much clearer…

— Alan G

Discovering you and the Profit Builder program was just a chance occurrence, but honestly, something has really clicked already, even though I got a delayed start and we haven’t gotten rolling yet.  I just ran thru the testimonials tonight, and there is a clear theme there, with which I concur…everyone notices your confidence, patience and sincere interest in helping us do well.  In spite of my success as an attorney and entrepreneur, I’ve actually been a poor trader.  Some of my most useful characteristics – aggressiveness, fight my way through challenges, supreme confidence in my skills – have been my worst enemies in trading.  With your skillful mentoring, I really believe that is about to change, especially with the “less is more” approach – only trading 4 instruments, how relaxing that has become.


Thanks Sensei – I’m glad to be in this great course you have created.

— John R

Thank you for this program. I have been trading for about 4 years and have not found a system that is consistent. Your daily reviews are the best  and your teaching of managing troubled positions is finally making sense. I have told friends and family members about this program. I hope there will be another 6 month program after this is over. Thanks again. Success is an amazing feeling.

— Donn R

Bravo!  Thanks for the weekly profit this week in a down market of over $6K. This program has been an extremely beneficial education and money maker strategy.

— Les J

It is time for me to say hello and thank you.I am making money trading for the first time. It is obvious now that I didn’t know how to trade. Your service has been better than I could have hoped. I am so happy with this service.

— Bill D

Thank you for your most recent Q and A. This program has been everything you said it would be. I am thrilled. Thank for all your wonderful guidance.

— John N

Fantastic training, excellent presentation, good diction and a slow easy way of training. I so much enjoy every presentation. Just a reminder, the flight instructor knows very well how to fly the airplane, the student is overwhelmed. But in time through excellent training, the student becomes the pilot-incommand. I know there are plenty of people out here like myself, who want to know the why and how of everything we do. Its like reading scripture, I look for all the nuggets. Sometimes they are difficult to find, but they are there. Please remember that for the 10,000th time you have made the same point, that I will be 10,001. Here is thanks for all that you do. I above all really appreciate it. Make all your students, a better pilot than you. Thanks again Mark!

— Richard W

Love this program you are offering.   You are easy to understand, and you explain everything thoroughly.  I like the fact that you go over and repeat each process.

— Jerri H

Very informative.  I started trading on May 27 and thus far I have $6079 in net profits.  You have a great program and I really appreciate you doing this. Trading options is complex but you are making it much easier to understand and manage.

— Don B

First, after 2 months my account is up about 70% on capital at risk in just 2 months. I am so pleased. Thank you.

— Sam D

I really appreciate how clear and precise you are with your teaching. You are a natural!

— OC

This is a great program and learning platform. I am learning by doing and being exposed to more information coupled with repetition.  I have also learned from some of my own mistakes plus entering some of my own trades which worked out well.  I think confidence comes from learning how to manage the trades, which I am gradually getting used to. Great job and the position reviews are tremendous.  The added benefit are the great profits made.

— Don B

My trading this calendar year has gone from $9000 to about $28000 as of yesterday, and this is all due to not being afraid to open positions. I know now that even if the directional bias I trade is wrong, that I can turn it around with management, which frees me to enter positions with much less fear. So thank you.

— John R

Awesome service! Have been a client for less than 2 months, and have had a huge amount of success. Granted I’m working with a slightly larger account, but total profits in the last 2 months exceed $50k !! Thank you for everything.

— Rohit A

Great two months, was able exceed my goals  but more  important able to follow and handle 3 of 4 managed trades and yesterday 4 did not matter.

— Robert B

Love the program, Mark. So glad I found you.

— Dale D

Thanks to you in 8 weeks I’m $8000 richer, very pleased with program! 80% return! Thank u thank u thank u.

— Marvin F

First thanks for what you do.  I have a profilt of $34k for the 8 weeks I’ve been in the program.

— Keith J

These are invaluable sessions. Thanks for conducting them

— Kalam M

You are the only presenter of this type material that puts his money where his mouth is.  Following your methods I’m up $4877.00 and I started after the quarter started.  Thanks

— Lawrence M

Up 144% for the quarter – thanks!

— Alan P

Appreciate the service.  Worth much more than the fee charged.  Looking forward to more profits over the next quarter.

— Kevin S

I would like to add my thank you to the others you have mentioned.  Up over $6K in 8 weeks despite making a couple of errors.  Looking forward to learning more!

— Ron S

You have changed my retirement days immensely…. this is and you guys are great. Kept me calm… and focused

— Greg W

Just wanted to say how happy I am with this program. I am fairly new and have been trading alongside you for about 2 weeks. You are a very good teacher.

— Gabrielle G

Thanks very much. Really appreciate daily guidance and reviews.

— Manny J

I don’t mean to take the easy way out, but I want to strongly second all of the positive comments.  I have happily cured myself of any desire to continue to trade futures.  I am happy I found you in a sea of mediocre educational and guided trading programs.  The old adage applies, “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the Prince”.

— Gerald Q

This service is really impressive.  You are an excellent instructor.  I’m really happy that I found this.  Thank you!

— Mark B

I joined your Profit Builder Program about 4 weeks back. While I am not new to options, having spent more than 10 years in this field, I was excited with the approach adopted by you and felt eager to compliment you just after 2 weeks. Then I reflected within myself and restrained from saying anything because 2 weeks was too short a period to form any opinion. Now with 4 weeks of trading, diligently following your alerts, analyzing the profit review videos, I am more than convinced that your approach is logical, simple, profitable with no headache of scanning stocks, watching earnings, nor is there any need to have plethora of indicators.

In my earlier approach I tried adjustments of credit spreads when needed by converting them to broken wing butterflies, ratio spreads, but nothing proved as effective and logical as explained by you.

Out of the recommended alerts there was not even a single loss. With simple, systematic approach, profitable results, far exceeding your projected returns, stress has been eliminated and I feel obliged to you for teaching a meaningful approach of trading.

Please accept my compliments.

— Davinder C

Thank you, Mark, for all that you do!  I don’t feel the anxiety any more and I certainly look forward to Monday morning.  I can’t wait to trade everyday.

— Cindy P

Mark, I want to really thank for your guidance and patience that you have provided me. It has made a marked difference in my trading and in my returns. I still forget how to figure profit/loss but I am getting better I now have the ability to review not just my positions during daily review, I can now also follow along when you review the charts. It makes it easier for me to understand how things work. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

— Tom L

Thank you so much for the quick response and your insight. I just jumped into your program about 7 weeks ago and feel like I have already learned a ton.  I really appreciate your straight forward simple approach to the process and I find your daily updates extremely informative. Thank you so much!

— Erik P

Thank you, Mark. I sure appreciate what the Platinum level has offered already. I feel much more confident about how to manage trades, and read charts. Wish I had been more courageous about holding that SPX trade I was so worried about. You brought in even more money!

— John R

Thank you for opening my eyes to a completely different way of viewing and trading the markets.  I’ve been dabbling in options trading for over 20 years and have had some good stints but overall have been a net loser on my trades.  As much as I enjoyed trading and following the markets I pretty much hung it up during the last downturn because I kept losing money.  Your program has really changed my outlook on trading.  I feel empowered and energized.  I’m actually excited about trading again! Thank you.

— Michael D.

Thanks to you! Pocketed $3,000 today and $4,900 in the past 15 days. Starting to not be afraid of what the market does, which frees me to enter positions with less fear.

— John R

If I pay taxes this year…it will be your fault!!!!  THANK YOU!!! Because of how you trade, you have wiped clean my first half years losses and I am now at a break even point. Keep up the good work, great teaching and I am going to renew with you in 6 months. Thanks.

— Darrell W

I am enjoying your guidance! Been trading options for 20 years and this outlook and technique I find fascinating! Thank you again

— David F

I think you almost have a license to steal the way you are always putting the probability of the trade on your side. I have made my share of mistakes and learned a lot along the way and have still made more money in the stock market than I ever thought possible. This 5K Profit Builder program has been a very enjoyable experience for me.

— Bob R

Just a word or two about how much I’m enjoying (and profiting) from OMM “Profit Builders”.  Although I’ve been trading short-term credit spreads for more than 2 years, I have never fully appreciated some of the finer points of selecting and managing the trades that you have been teaching.  I’m especially enjoying your daily Reviews which are the best teaching presentations I’ve ever experienced.   I look forward to them every day.

After only about six weeks “under your wing”, my account allocated to Profit Builders has grown from $10,000 to over $17,000 – – about 11.7% per week on initial capital, and over 20% per week on Capital at Risk.  Because of your insights and strategies, I am becoming a much more confident trader – – and your approach to “taking the safe 50% gain” and quickly redirecting capital to the next trade is making a real difference in my success.  And I love the “3 Questions to Ask” – – that’s a really useful blueprint for deciding when to manage (or just watch) the trades.

I’m looking forward to a long journey with you as my guide.

Thank you so much!

— Arnie K

Thanks to you and your team. Been at this game for decades and your work is the FIRST time I am feeling this comfortable; not waiting for the proverbial second shoe to drop!

— Gary B

I had watched many educational videos from you in late 2014 and early 2015.  I liked the way you explained the trading strategies so I decided to subscribe for Grow20! in mid Feb 2015.  However, I didn’t start trading by following your trades immediately.  I did paper trading for three months by following your alerts and watched the daily position reviews.  When I was convinced that these strategies work, I started trading with real money (started with initial risk of $11,000).  I know 2 months is a very short period of time to gauge success of any strategy but so far I am quite happy the way my trading is progressing and my account is growing.  Thank You.

I know you suggest to keep compounding and reset every quarter.  I intend to keep compounding until my account values reaches $50,000.  After that I will do compounding for a month and reset account value every month.  Plan is to trade with a risk of $50k plus.

— Mohammad T

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. Your daily videos are very instructive and your calm demeanor helps promote the patience aspect of your trading approach.  I have been learning, trading and (learning)  for over 20 years with moderate success.  I joined your program less than one month ago and love the simplicity of your 3 question analysis, Bollinger bands and most of all only 3 indexes to trade. ( I don’t miss trading stocks.)  I’ve attended many webinars and have taken many courses over the years.  Most were not worth the price of admission but are the cost of an education.  Option Money Maker to this point has been worth every penny.  I am excited about trading and learning again…so thank you!

— Ron D

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Thank you for everything you do for your students.  I had my best week yet.  I made more in one week than I have ever made in 2 months.  Unbelievable results.  I can’t thank you enough! :)))))Thank you!

— Cindy P

Guys, THANK YOU for the alert yesterday on opening a new Julwk3 2100/2105 after we had closed out (for a nice profit) of an identical Call spread earlier on the day.  I was able to get in for a credit of $1.95 on the second Call spread and today closed it out again for another $.90 Debit ($1.05 profit).  Two days in a row, Deja Vu All Over Again.  I know you guys alerted on closing the Iron Condor for $1.40, but when I saw that there was a chance for a nice profit on the call spread side I just had to go get it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

— Tulio C.

I am so thankful for all your teaching and support.  And the nuggets you give out during the Daily Reviews Your whole team is outstanding including Allison and Dorothy.

— Kalam M

Mark.   Thank you, Thank you,.  I kind of had the same idea, but appreciate your input.  I know I’m on the right track, and because of your wonderful and very PATIENT process in teaching all of us, it IS sinking in.  Also.  Thank you for the quick and personal response.  Might be a small loss, but I know I’ll make it up quickly.  Thank You again.

— Randy B

Allison’s caring and compassion came through in her short note​, and I can hear ​her attitude in her voice as well. Allison helped me to refocus with a simple letter of explaining the process. Dorothy has the same attitude, and that speaks volumes.​ You know Mark, your style of teaching is what I have tried to ​achieve in my life. It is an amazing truism, that you can tell a person by the people he surrounds himself with. If you, Dorothy and Allison have some ​patience with me, I will undoubtedly become one of your best customer and supporter. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. The best to and…Stay well

— Richard  H.

A quick note to say thanks.  I love your simple and clear, but BRILLIANT, options trading strategy. I’ve been trading with you since May.  I’ve taken a conservative, watch and learn approach.  Since May 14, I’ve made 9 trades, all winners, for $3132.24 in profits. Your approach using bollinger bands, support and resistance channels in ProphetCharts, and selling credit spreads to exploit time decay immediately resonated with me. Thanks again.

— Randolph H.

Mark, just wanted to say thank you again for doing this program. The format and teaching is exceptional. I am planning on completing the 6 month profit builder program and then upgrading to one of ur platinum programs. Thank you

— Ken S

Thank you very much for the personalized customer service.   I appreciate that – it speaks volumes for your business!

— Bill M

Thank you for taking the time last night to spend the end of a busy trading day with your clients and friends, continuing the long journey into our educational process.

Results aside (which are fantastic) you do such an outstanding job delivering information and education with such clarity, precision, and patience, it is really amazing.

Now about that “potential reunion”, hopefully it doesn’t happen in Jan-Apr or before APR  But after that, I am in. It would be truly fun to come to Napa for a couple of days retreat with fellow traders/disciples to listen to the live word.

My regards and gratitude to you

— Manny A.

I have almost doubled my Mom’s 5K account over the last few months! The techniques that I have adopted that you teach has allowed me to achieve this results. I have been very conservative with her account. You have opened my mind to a new way to trade options/spreads with great success. thank you.

— Avery A

Thanks for the fantastic ongoing education.  This last webinar was great.  Its nice to know that we can elevate to a higher level once we feel real comfortable with the Profit Builder Program.  I REALLY like the fact that you don’t pressure us to sign up for a more complicated class until we are ready for that level.  Other sites have been the opposite.  You truly are a very thoughtful, and smart teacher.

I’m slowly getting there, and I hope I’m there after the 6 months is up.  But if not, I will definitely sign up again with profit builders, and once I know I’ve ” GOT ” it.  I will progress to the next level.  I really like the fact that you will credit us / grandfather us in, when we feel we are ready for that next step.  I look forward to the next couple of months, and beyond, especially with You, and your TEAM at the helm.

— Randy B

Mark, I am new to your program.  I am an individual investor that has traded covered calls, puts and calls as well as stocks and bonds. I have made mistakes and learned from them yet I knew the world of investing could be far less risky – I just had to find out how.  I am impressed with your approach – definitely a teaching approach, with much patience yet direct answers to questions to keep the focus on the issues at hand. Thanks so much.

— James D

I did get filled finally today, albeit at a higher price than yours. Your update today clarifies the procedure for working the order and is highly informative and has a calming effect. Thank you again for your excellent teaching skills.

— Brian G.

After Listen to Friday review, I will state I am still thrilled to see how things are going.  I actual glad that we are having to manage trades because like you said what would we learn if everything was perfect. Your team has guided us through a simple and direct way to trade with no sleepless nights. How to be patient, let the cycles works and adjust only when you have to. With out your direction I sure I would have threw in the towel, think this is my 18 week, I added positions myself and followed your trades. Be happy to state my Profit spreadsheet is almost identical and have added AT Risk column to make sure I do not over trade. Look forward to this next couple of weeks.

— Robert B.

I don’t take all your trades – no more NDX for me.

However, I have never seen anyone work so hard as you do in your daily presentations.  It’s almost 30 minutes of standing in front of your audience and explaining your trades.  That takes a lot of work and dedication, and I don’t think anyone else out there is making that kind of effort. Nor is anyone else making such an effort to stay close to their subscribers.

I have no idea why you do this, as you could easily trade your own account and live comfortably with zero responsibilities.

Putting on that RUT 1250 call ahead of Fed announcement was a surprise.  The common wisdom would be to wait until after the announcement.  Well, you follow your own Muse, and I understand your case the that “channel” had changed, and that by expiration the probabilities were in your favor.  On the Ichimoku Cloud daily chart, the 1250 level is very solid resistance.

You’ve done a good job of demystifying the business of selling option premium.   High probability trades have “forgiveness factors”, which is more palatable than saying that you are making 20 Delta trades.  You pay attention to levels of risk/margin. and by making the spreads 5 wide instead of 10 wide, reduce margin,  It’s difficult on a 5 wide spread to get enough premium to make the trade worthwhile, so you sell at Deltas which make me uncomfortable sometimes to get that premium.

It’s a trade off, I understand that.

But you compensate by being very flexible and quick to get out of the trade, adjusting the closing price, to keep a little less premium for the benefit of getting out quicker and having less capital in the market.  This is a market that favors quick singles and bunts.

You seem to have left Double Calendars locked in your toolkit even in periods of low volatility.  This is probably just as well.  They are very hard to adjust, and with a front month of 14 to 20 days, they take a long time to percolate.

For a service which is NOT that of a Registered Rep, you care more about your customer’s money, than any Series 7 broker.  And you are beating every hedge fund out there.  This is very rare.

Quite remarkable.

A daily tour-de-force.

— Bruce K

Mark, In one of the recent daily updates, you mentioned that you appreciated getting feedback on our successes.I just want to let you know that:

  1. I have more that recovered your fee for this service, as well as recovered all the losses I have taken from other “guru’s” I have tried in e past 10 months. My next target is to recover all the fees previously paid to those other “guru’s”… based on the current record, that should now occur within another 4 to 6 weeks!!!
  2. I must be learning something as I placed the SPX Wk3 Put trade this morning at 10:34, but choosing the 2070/2065 strikes and filled at 1.20. (Due to my risk limit, I do not hold the Wk4 trade).
  3. I fully intend to renew and stay with you after the 6 months.


— Dennis B

Your review today (as always) and specifically the review of the beloved NDX challenged position was simply fantastic.  It was instructional, reassuring and so perfectly balanced that I cannot think of how it could be more clear.   It reminds me of the day in Atlanta you were giving the CSE covered call class where I had taken my son with me.   Leaving the evening of the first day, he said in so many words that – If all his high school teachers were as knowledgeable about and as skilled in delivering the information as well as you…That students would be more successful and even dull subjects could be made more attention holding.

Thanks so much for all you guys do.

— Bruce W.

I can only imagine the kinds of emails you’ve been getting.

I’m finding to this to be incredible, educational, and a huge opportunity.  Yes.  I’ve lost a few bucks, but not as much as I would of if I had been in other more speculative positions.  I’m very excited to see how this all plays out, and how you guide us through.  As hard as it is, I think we should all experience this type of historic movement, and how to navigate through it successfully.

Its like you have a tool box of tools that don’t get used to often, except for certain high precision types of jobs,  and now you get to pull them out and use them.  I’m thrilled  to be your team, and that your so determined to pull a win out of a losing game.  Cant wait to see what happens next.  This is truly and educational experience.

I know for a fact, that if I stick with you and your team, that by this time next year that we will all be looking at much bigger numbers in our accounts.

Thank you again for all the encouragement that you given through the updates, and for the special updates as well.  Your communication with us is wonderful.

— Randy B. 

Hi Mark and team,

Just a short note to say how great is to have you as a mentor and teacher especially with recent huge market moves.

You are so clam and composed and even though I personally have gone through many emotions in the last few days (cannot help not to hear news and headlines) your guidance and confidence is reassuring and calming me down too.

Thank you and happy trading!

— Tanja

Please thank Mark for the bonus recording explaining the 8/25 update. It really was a bonus because he covered great material that we probably won’t see in Profit Builder again, at least for a while. I am very new, started last Friday, and I decided to follow in my paper account, good choice. I can really see the potential for re-allocating risk to a different position, and think it is brilliant, even though I only partially understand. I will review that recording more, and draw it out on paper to get a visual of the long IC => wider spread… Any way, this is an absolute blessing, and much more than training instruction, it is learning account/risk/capital management, which much harder to grasp than defining entries and exits. This is learning to tame the emotion by understanding how to manage a trading account properly. I realize Mark and the team have probably been very busy trying to help members mitigate loss, tell him I really appreciate what he is doing, and the spirit with which he presents the information. I will continue to proceed slow, but take time to watch all videos, and attempt to apply what Mark is teaching. Thank you

— Peter

Mark-That was magnificent…the logic .. the philosophy of it… the direction and guidance you just manifested for all of us to see and actually be a part of and benefit from both this specific instance but also the educational value of this approach in going forward to possibly similar circumstances ….is just so very stimulating to me that I  just need once again to say thanks….this is so amazing to me

1.) that I enjoy it ( the learning ) so much everyday… wow…

2.) you have taught me so much I can’t wait to see whats coming…you gave an old man some new purpose, focus & direction…Great…thanks…lets do it!!!!

Now I am excited about trading this way….cant wait to see what opportunities all this volatility presents us with going forward…. Thanks you

— Greg W

Thank you for the extra recording today. Thank you mostly for your patience, kindness and calm explanations. We especially appreciate the repetition during explanations. Al in all, impressive handling of the market situation and traders on all levels. Appreciate you and the whole team.”—

— Sherry and Bill K

Pass on to Mark that I really appreciate his extra time and efforts to make the special video/audio to help explain his trading decision.  It makes complete sense and am learning lots on his trading methods and strategies

— Terry T

What you covered today in the daily review is what I believe sets you and OMM apart from the rest of the publications. (In addition to the OMM positions, I have a NDX Augwk4  4485/4475 that I have in my account that I will need to adjust next week) Your daily reviews give me confidence to navigate these treacherous times

— Kalam M

Your Position Review from Friday was excellent and very useful.  I got a lot out of your comments and appreciate the effort you are making with the Profit Builder program to teach.

As mentioned, I can already hit the buy and sell buttons with ease.  Rather I really enjoy and learn from experienced traders such as you by studying your trade set ups and especially, watching you manage difficult trades.  In my opinion, managing trades the have gone against you is perhaps the most important skill a trader can possess.

Thanks again for your extra efforts to effectively teach.

— Paul J

Mark…just wanted to thank you for the EXCELLENT articulation of your thought process regarding the NDX iron condor.  It really helped me in my learning process!!  Very appreciated…look forward to joining in on the trading room tomorrow.  Thanks again

— Craig G

I do have to thank you as I have profited $7500 since following your trades and look forward to the daily reviews each day. I have learned more from you than anyone else. You make it so simple and fun.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Daryl S

I joined your 5K Builder System 2 weeks ago and can’t tell you how excited I am right now, I got laid off back in 2011 and have been searching for something to create income without having to get back into a JOB. I was working with another group trying to learn and I have learned but I was not making any money. I am excited to wake up every morning and ready to learn. I find myself looking at charts all the time and trying to find trades that you might put on, I know I am still learning and it will take time. Thanks so much for everything and I look forward to much success with you and OptionsMoneyMaker. Thanks

— Karl M

Hello Mark,  My net profits to date is $52,300 which is far beyond my greatest expectations. My first trade was in late May. I have been gradually transferring money from my stock account to my options account to put my money to work, and it has certainly paid off.  Your guidance has been terrific. You mentioned in previous webinars that there are techniques for trading larger accounts.  How much is a larger account, and generally what are the other strategies.  I will extend for another six months and during that period move into diagonals/calendars in your other programs.  Looking forward to meeting you at your live trading event next year. Thank you

— Don C

I have been trading live for the last two weeks.  The first week I profited $930 and this week it was $999.  I was not in the NDX trade that you had to manage but have been following along closely.  I am very impressed by your whole approach to money and trade management.  I look forward to following the program as it is designed.  I have my spreadsheets updated and look forward to learning more.  You have truly made trading fun for me at last.

— Jim K

I have been in the program three weeks now, starting with the recommended
risk capital of $5,000 in a trading account that was then worth a total of
$16,500. In these three weeks, I have collected profits of $2,935.

I have had 17 round trip trades, and all but one of them was profitable.  The
one loss ($50) was my fault, a mistake on an order.

Your training is by far the best I have encountered.  I love your calm,
confident, methodical approach and your emphasis on making the program simple and easy to understand.  I feel like I have found the Holy Grail for traders,
and I am having fun! Thank you so much for what you do!

— David M

I want to take this opportunity to THANK you again for having come into my life. While I have been successfully trading options for several years, nothing comes close to the beauty, simplicity and effectiveness of your approach. Proud, happy and grateful member of the 5K Profit Group.

— Manny

I just want to say how much I greatly appreciate this program and the education you are providing.  From having only starting since mid May, I have already doubled my account balance. I have been investing in the markets for about 5 years and have never even came close to achieving this type of performance in such a short time frame. Even though the market has been steadily rising for the last 5-6 years, I love the fact of having positions which benefit regardless of which direction the markets move.  I find the service really helpful with my work schedule, and I always look forward to your daily updates. Is this profit builder program something you see yourself continuing to provide in the future? I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to continue this for as long as you would offer it. Again, thanks for all your doing and I am really excited to see how much my account can grow over the course of time.

— Matt B

There not enough Thank you’s that I can convey that would express the tremendous success and continuing education that I have profoundly benefited from Your GROW20 Program. Your wealth of knowledge and phenomenal daily reviews have taught me material that I have yet to find in any Books, (I have a library full!) let alone countless seminars I have attended and paid dearly for over the years!!.

If I were to list the Three most critical lessons I have benefiting from your teaching (Although there are many..) they would be:

  • European Style Option Expiration vs American Standard Option Expiration and risks associated with early assignment..
  • Legging into Iron Condors and the benefits of increasing Profits (Double Credits) and lowering Risk, in most cases half… can only loose on one side of an Iron Condor..
  • GTC Orders, this controls Greed, also works in Harmony with the first bullet, no need for STOP orders, etc.

A big Thank you for your attention to detail, your unique ability to explain at a level that is comprehensible and just makes a lot of sense.. and your patience, I know you educate those with a wide range of knowledge and experience, your patience is impeccable.

— Brent C.

This is fantastic! Profit return is above 12% per week average. Highly recommend Profit Builders to all who will listen. Thank you greatly, looking forward to the future with Profit Builders.

— Tommy V.

Thanks for the webinar, I have only been in the Profit Builder for a few weeks but I am so excited and enthusiastic about this system.  I have tried other systems but this concept is simplified and easy to understand. I hope to continue profiting so I can take advantage of some of your other education programs. I have been out of work for over three years and looking for something to generate income, so I don’t have to get back in to the workforce. I will continue to work hard at learning your system and stay committed to putting in the work to be successful. Thanks to you, Michael and Allison for all your hard work. Thanks

— Louis G

The webinar was great. I always learn something when listening to you. I’ve said this before in other emails but I appreciate your teaching style. Your program is outstanding and I will join the other programs you have evidentially as I get more comfortable with the strategies in the profit builders program.

— Tim C.

I can’t thank you enough for the education you are providing.  I have been trading for over 20 years with moderate success.  I now know that my gains over most of those years were by the seat of my pants.  I’ve taken numerous trading courses in the past 5 years and your simple method of trading is refreshing.  The daily reviews, webinars and repetition are a magical combination.  I joined at the beginning of the second quarter understanding the basic concepts of your program and have since made a commitment to your method alone.  Everyone else is in the spam folder.  Thank you so much.  ( Great day today with GTC orders…up over $2000 and Over $ 8000 for the second quarter.)

— Ron D.

The Q&A session was wonderful and very educational.  Even thought I felt comfortable with the action we took on the 4325p calendar and opening the 4450p calendar as management I was looking for a clear and detail explanation.  Allison jumped in and gave a great and very detail explanation and breakdown.  She broke down the profit brought in and the risk amount we were left with.  Breaking it down the smallest element really helped me understand and increased my education of options trading, risk, reward and management.  The live trading room is just awesome and I really appreciate the time and effort the whole team puts in, this includes Dorothy who we do not hear a lot from but I know works extremely hard behind the scenes.

— David C.

Using calendars as management I was able to overcome a $11,000 drawdown that was expiring next week and got out with a 3,000 profit. I’m learning that drawdowns are nothing to fear as they can be managed.

— Santos B

Sweet, guys! Just made my very first trade following you. Bought open the Apr 1 1960 @ $24.70 and sold open the 1955 @ $26.70. I’m so used to trading stock options, it’s amazing how rapidly the pricing on these index options can move! Thanks, this is fun!

— Robert S

Thanks Mark for your 1st trade of the trade. I took that knowledge and didn’t close out my spread from yesterday. I closed the sold puts for 1800 profit and then I waited and closed the bought puts for 250 profit. The original trade was a profit of $450. Thanks so much for your expertise and your willingness to share. As a failsafe, I was planning to open another sold put at a 5 point lower strike price if I would have gotten into trouble. You show us the entire picture of options (pun intended)!

— Terry T

I just wanted to thank you for showing me the path to stress free investing. I don’t have to drive with my laptop open anymore in a panic over my positions . This is absolutely the most profitable trading strategy I have ever experienced. My account is up over $16,000.00 in a little than over a month, and I only used 25% of my $100K account. Until now I thought that hedge fund managers were the only people who made the big bucks.

— Bruce

Thank you for this program. I have been trading for about 4 years and have not found a system that is consistent. Your daily reviews are the best  and your teaching of managing troubled positions is finally making sense. I have told friends and family members about this program. I hope there will be another 6 month program after this is over. Thanks again. Success is an amazing feeling.

— Donn R.

This is the first program where I have been making money regularly.  Keep up the great work you are doing with the trading and education.

— Dan D.

While I have been successfully trading options for several years, nothing comes close to the beauty, simplicity and effectiveness of your approach.

— Manny

I do have to thank you as I have profited $7500 since following your trades and Iook forward to the daily reviews each day.

— Daryl S.

This is my first week of trading and I am showing a $992 profit on $5000 of risk and I am learning by leaps and bounds.

— Steve W.

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