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After receiving numerous requests, we created a comprehensive options education program that will empower anyone to create an abundant income and grow significant wealth.

Profit Builder has always been a core part of the Options Money Maker education curriculum, offering new traders an opportunity to learn how to trade stock options profitably.

The expanded and enhanced Profit Builder Plus program includes strategies and technical signals never included before and provides a complete and comprehensive education for any level of trading experience.

The Profit Builder Plus program guides brand new traders from understanding the basics of options to effectively managing trades and their account for optimum profitability.

Hundreds of experienced traders are also benefiting from the Profit Builder Plus program, using it to refresh their knowledge of the simple, proven strategies and techniques that make options trading one of the best income and wealth building activities available to anyone.

We have created a simple approach to understanding key technical signals making profitable trading available to anyone, regardless of trading experience. These additional technical signals which have previously only been used by more advanced traders.

Anyone who is serious about learning how to trade options, new to trading or just wants a refresher… plus some new techniques, should sign up and take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

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The Profit Builder Plus program is available via eight on-demand webinar sessions.

For new traders just starting out, the Profit Builder Plus program will provide all of the knowledge you need to be a consistently, profitable trader and build a lifetime of income and wealth.

Here are the highlights of what is included in the Profit Builder Plus program:







Strategies you will learn:









 Technical Indicators:




Managing Risk:





Education Support:





The Profit Builder Plus program is offered at just $597!

Just 3 – 4 trades could easily earn enough profits to earn back $597.

The purpose of the Profit Builder Plus webinar series is to provide the knowledge and confidence you need to use options trading to create an income, build wealth and achieve lifestyle freedom.

The first step to achieving your personal income and wealth goals is to SIGN UP for the Profit Builder Plus program.  


The webinar sessions are available on-demand once you sign-up:










We are looking forward to a guiding you to creating income, building wealth, and achieving lifestyle freedom.

If you have additional questions feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 773-496-4757.



Kind Regards,

Mark Dannenberg

Founder/CEO of Options Money Maker, LLC

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