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The Profit Sweet Spot Matrix is a trading tool using the power of historical data to create a watch list of stocks and indexes. The Cycle Finder Plus* daily cross signals leverages the PSSM in choosing options expiration, strike, and delta as well as a profit target for each trade. It also empowers you to align your personal risk tolerance to a desired win/loss ratio.

The PSSM was created to help traders accurately understand when to exit a trade! Set your own desired win/loss ratio and the PSSM will tell you what the right exit target is!

Included with purchase of the Profit Sweet Spot Matrix tool is on-demand video education on how to trade options using the Cycle Finder Plus daily cross signals. This is an abbreviated version of the Master Class that teaches how to trade the Daily Cycle Finder Plus crosses and provides the Profit Sweet Spot Matrix to determine profit targets of the Daily Crosses.

*Cycle Finder Plus not included

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