How I Solved the Two Biggest Problems Options Traders Have…Risk and Time!


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Risk and Time are two of the biggest problems for options traders and people seeking to make more money.

My name is Mark Dannenberg and I help people earn money trading options on the S&P500 and do so with minimal risk.

Click video above to view a short video which will reveal an options trading system that has generated average daily profits of $232.67 on no more than $2,000* of risk.

I spent 26 years working at a traditional job that was very demanding of my time. I was learning to trade but it was hit and miss because I didn’t know how to trade to earn a consistent income.

No one showed me how to set aside a small amount of time everyday to focus on making money from trading. And, I didn’t know how to earn big profits with limited risk.

As I worked towards becoming a full-time trader, I did not want to replace my job with something that would require me to spend all day working to make money.

I wanted financial freedom but I also wanted lifestyle freedom. I wanted to spend a minimum amount of time generating the income I desired and do it with minimal risk.

I created the SPX Profit Optimizer service to allow anyone an opportunity to make money trading options and not have to spend all day in front of a computer doing it.

$38,156 of profits during 2017, thru September 30th, on risk of no more than $2,000*. The daily recycling of capital and keeping our risk low is how to achieve these types of profits.

Click video above to view a short video in which I share the month-to-month performance January – September and learn how easy it is for anyone to do the same thing.

Here is what clients shared with us during our 15 min live trading sessions:

$500 today but $4,600 for the week….this is great!” John O.

“Up $2,070, 75.6%”. James F.

“Missed today’s trade but up 52% since starting”. Douglas T.

“Made my first live trade today and made $304. Thanks and off to work….this is great!”. Mario D.

“July return on capital so far 94.7% — $2,575 profit. I’m happy!”. Bart G.

“This trading style takes the emotion out of it” Bob K.

These traders are investing just 15 minutes of their time at the beginning of the market day to lock in exceptional profits.

We buy SPX call and put options in a live session during the first 15 minutes of the day.

We limit risk to just $2,000* then we recycle that risk every day so we are continually increasing profits against the same risk.  YTD profits average $232.67 per day.

Click video above to watch a short video to find out how you can earn these types of returns in just 15 minutes a day.

The power to earn profits like this does not come from huge risk or luck. By recycling the same amount of capital every day the monthly returns can be huge!

The SPX Profit Optimizer uses a simple approach. We take reasonable profits against small risk and do it every day.

Sign up NOW and pay only $95 for your first month! (regular price is just $195).

That’s less than the average profits for a single day!

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*The trades in the SPX Profit Optimizer service are day trades. Pattern Day Trader rules require a minimum account size of $25,000. We suggest you have $30,000 in the account even though you are only committing $2,000 to each trade. Please discuss rules for Pattern Day Trader’s with your broker to fully understand how these trades affect your account.

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