May 25, 2019

Live Trading Plus Options and Futures Education

Learn to Trade, Trade to Earn

NEW: Alert Trading Machine (ATM) Service!

We completed one month of our new ATM service this week!

The ATM service is simple! We do all the work so you have an opportunity to benefit from daily market moves.

We send you an alert, using our smart phone app, for each trade we open and close.

You can follow along with each of our trades within seconds of receiving the trade details….delivered directly to your smart phone.

We also send you a daily recording of our Live Action Trader session where we review each trade action we have taken that day.

Alerts, Profits, and Education!!

We created this service for all the traders out there who do not have time to monitor charts during the day.

Just because you are busy with the normal things that life needs you to do, doesn’t mean you should be excluded from investing just a few minutes of your time each day to make some extra money.

Here are the results for the first month of the ATM service:

Total Profits = $2,102.36

$854 maximum risk per trade.

$1,103 maximum total risk.

25 trades. 25 wins. 24% avg return. 1.5 days avg hold time.

Obviously, not all of our trades will be winners; however, the AO Entry/Exit strategy with our Consensus of Signals method is providing a high probability of profitable trades.

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Trading Performance This Week!

This week we focused on the importance of looking for a consensus of signals across different timeframes.

Each day this week we reviewed 3, 5, and 30 min charts to assess whether or not there was a consensus of both Stochastic settings and alignment with the AO.

Consensus is the key to timing an entry. Successful trading requires patience and what helps a trader be patient is knowing what they are waiting for.

When you understand how to recognize a consensus of signals, your trading will improve significantly!

There are always movements you will miss but the only thing that is important is the movements you take to the bank!

The AO Entry/Exit Strategy is Powerful!!

What makes the AO Entry/Exit strategy so powerful is that this single approach to identifying an entry signal can be used to:

  • Open a futures contract.
  • Trade an ETF option.
  • Buy a stock.
  • Trade a cash index options strategy such as a diagonal, calendar or vertical spread.

Combining the AO Entry/Exit Strategy with our Consensus of Signals expertise is the reason the new ATM alert service is ON FIRE with 25 trades in 4 weeks posting 100% wins!!

Obviously, not all of our trades will be winners however, the following factors have driven the results so far:

  • Understanding the AO Entry/Exit Strategy.
  • Evaluating time periods and technical indicators for a consensus of signals.
  • Timing of the option expiration selected.
  • Using the charts to decide when to close the position and grab a profit.
  • Recycling of capital so we continue to make more profits on the same capital.
  • Minimizing risk.

What makes this method even more exciting is the scalability!

Once you understand the Key Success Factors listed above, just adding one more contract doubles your potential profit. As long as you understand your risk, this is one of the most powerful ways to grow your income!

We provide education everyday in our Live Trading Room. We provide detailed explanations of each Alert Trading Machine service trade during the Live Action Trader portion of our Live Trading Room.

Click here to listen to the Live Action Trader position review for this week.


Chart Patterns

The AO Entry Exit strategy requires some time commitment to learn but once you have made the commitment, there is significant opportunity available to you.

Depending on experience, personal objectives, and risk tolerance, each trader’s performance will vary. The key is learning how to take advantage of the opportunity and then refining your personal style.

It is effective for trading futures and any type of options strategy, as evidenced by the profits listed above.

Learn the AO Entry/Exit strategy and apply to your own trading! Excellent for Futures, Options, or both! Click the button below to learn more and sign-up for instant access to on-demand training.

The Art of Trading Education Review

Every week in the Live Trading Room, we will be providing training on topics which support our philosophy of, Learn to Trade and Trade to Earn.

The Live Action Trader session will generally be a 30 – 60 minute session every trading day. Each session will be recorded and sent to our members.

This week we profiled:

  • Balancing futures and options trading and how to adjust depending on the timeframe.
  • How to view a consensus of signals from different timeframes.
  • Using an options spread strategy when the consensus of signals is showing some conflicts.
  • Legging into a spread to lock in profits and avoid day trading rules.
  • Using the chart cycles to leg into and out of a spread to accumulate bigger profits.

Interested in a Learn to Trade, Trade to Earn experience? Join our Live Trading Room for a week or a month by clicking below.

Join the Live Trading Room

Review the section below for topics we will be teaching this coming week.

The Art of Trading Education Coming Next Week!

In addition to live trading, each day we provide training on topics which help traders deepen their understanding of how to trade profitably.

These sessions start between 11:30 and 12:30 ET, depending of what active trades we may be focused on, and last approximately 30 minutes. The sessions are recorded so you can review them at your convenience if you missed it live or if you want to replay something we discussed.

If there are topics you are interested in learning more about this coming week, we offer an opportunity to join the Live Trading Room for a month or just one week.

Last week I announced the release of our new Alert Trading Machine service.

Throughout the coming week, I will be sharing with our community of traders how to select trades for an optimum profit opportunity.

Topics for the coming week are:

  • General chart pattern review of stocks in the S&P500 index, plus a review of SPX, NDX and RUT. We review charts and identify directional patterns then discuss options strategies best suited to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • More about balanced trading – How to view options trading versus futures trading. It is important to have knowledge of both futures and options. Understand how to balance trading time between a short term, active focus approach (futures and same day options trading) versus a more passive approach of researching the directional bias opening an options position and putting the trade on auto-pilot. Lots to discuss this week on this topic!
  • Using the 30 minute, 5 minute, and 3 minute charts to time the entry of an options trade.

Want to learn more about the coming week’s topics?


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